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Want to buy real estate in Ukraine? How to buy an apartment for a foreigner in Ukraine? 06.04.2020
What documents do foreigners need to buy an apartment in Ukraine? What steps will need to be taken?
Permanent or temporary residence in Ukraine? 23.03.2020
What kind of residence and when to get for a foreigner often arises if he is invited to work in Ukraine or if there is a desire to move to Ukraine to start a business and stay?
Legal advice for concluding contracts in IT sphere 02.03.2020
We will discuss the issues that will be of interest to entrepreneurs in the IT sphere who want to open their own IT business in Ukraine.
How to register a sole proprietorship for a foreigner in Ukraine? 24.02.2020
Today we will talk about how to register FOP for a foreigner in Ukraine.
How does the certification of documents in Ukraine proceed when opening a representative office? 17.02.2020
How a foreigner can legalize documents of a foreign company when opening a representative office in Ukraine?
Head of a foreign company's representative office in Ukraine: what is required and what position can be occupied? 10.02.2020
Who can become a head of the representative office in Ukraine? Does a head of the representative office need a work per,it?
How to obtain a medical license in Ukraine? 03.02.2020
Can a foreigner obtain a medical license in Ukraine and start a medical business? What is needed for this?
Obtaining electricity license for business in Ukraine: what it takes to get started in the energy sector? 27.01.2020
What else would a company need to start a business in the electricity sector? How to get an electricity license for foreigner in Ukraine?
How to start a security business in Ukraine to a foreigner? 20.01.2020
Can a foreigner start a protection business in Ukraine? What procedure and documents are provided for obtaining a security license?
How to get a building license in Ukraine? 13.01.2020
How a foreigner can get a construction lisence in Ukraine and start a business here? Is it possible with the help of lawyers? Discover more!
How to start Your business in Ukraine? 02.01.2020
Business immigration to Ukraine - is it worth it? Read about Your future possibilities in Ukraine.
How can I adopt a child from Ukraine? 23.12.2019
Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the adoption process for the foreigners in Ukraine.
Business immigration to Ukraine: how to open a restaurant in Ukraine as a startup? 16.12.2019
Open a restaurant in Ukraine as a startup. Start Your business in Ukraine. Legal service Kyiv.
Diploma recognition process in Ukraine: foreign physician experience 10.12.2019
Today we will talk on such important part of the medical license obtainment process as a recognition of a diploma in Ukraine.
Surrogacy in Ukraine for foreigners: legal aspects of the issue 06.12.2019
How to undergo the whole surrogacy procedure safe? Learn more about the legal aspects of the surrogacy in Ukraine!
How to start crewing business in Ukraine? 18.11.2019
We will talk about our personal experience in the field of crewing business opening and answer the most frequently asked questions.
Bringing the family to live in Ukraine: how to get the temporary residence permit in Ukraine for a child? 28.10.2019
Temporary residence permit for a child in Ukraine. Discover more about the procedure and required docements.
Safe marriage: how to get a marriage contract in Ukraine? 21.10.2019
Today we will talk about the legal regulation of the prenuptial agreement in Ukraine, which can help You to understand how things work here.
Is it possible to get information about Your future Ukrainian wife or husband? 15.10.2019
You are ready to get married in Ukraine but need to be sure that You've piacked the right person? Read more about Your options!
Obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine on the basis of marriage: how to make it safe? 08.10.2019
Many foreigners come to Ukraine and fall in love not only with the country itself. So, you’ve decided to get married in Ukraine - where to go and what to do?
Obtaining the temporary residence permit in Ukraine through the charity activities 04.10.2019
Today we will talk about the following options of getting TRP: registration of a charitable foundation in which the foreigner acts as a founder and obtaining the status of a volunteer for a foreigner in Ukraine.
What to do if your work permit in Ukraine is canceled? 27.09.2019
Work permit in Ukraine for foreigners is not only the basis for their legal stay in the country, but also makes it possible to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine. 
Receiving the temporary residence permit (TRP) by LLC registration: procedure and benefits 16.08.2019
So, You’ve decided to stay in Ukraine and need to decide how to receive a TRP in the fastest and easiest way
Various types of representative offices in Ukraine and typical mistakes which are made while opening one 13.08.2019
We will talk about various types of representative offices in Ukraine and break down the steps to choosing one that will suit Your need the most
Employment permit for foreigners in Ukraine: common issues and our practical experience 01.08.2019
Every year the amount of foreigners coming to Ukraine for work is increasing. Big IT companies in Ukraine as well as the companies that work in other fields, offer jobs for high-skilled people from other countries
How to register a startup company in Ukraine: process, financial exemptions and our practical experience 19.07.2019
You won’t find the word “startup” in Ukrainian legal acts, as it is a term that came here from Western business culture. But that doesn’t mean that startup system in Ukraine is not implemented or doesn’t work
Consequences of filing documents for residence permit close to regulatory deadline 29.03.2019
Even though D visas to Ukraine grant rather extensive window for stay in Ukraine, many foreigners, including some of our clients, are unable to visit Ukraine immediately after visa issuance. This, at times, leads to situations, when arrival happens right before or even on the regulatory deadline...
Lawyer answers common questions about residence permit in Ukraine 25.03.2019
In this publication we answer the most common questions regarding residence permits...
Regulatory advancements for stay of foreign management in Ukraine 21.09.2018
So in this article we will give an overview on the latest regulatory advancements which concern legal grounds based on which foreign management of Ukrainian company can work and live in Ukraine...
How much does the visa to Ukraine cost? (Consular fees) 14.05.2016
Immigration attorney explains peculiarities of payment for visa to Ukraine
Foreigner’s stay in Ukraine. Employment permit as a ground for obtainment of residency. Part 2 19.03.2015
The second part of our article on legal requirements that are set for obtainment of residency in Ukraine
Is it possible for a foreigner to get visa after arriving to Ukraine? 19.03.2015
In certain situations the legislation of Ukraine allows citizens of foreign countries who need Ukrainian visa to get one upon arrival to our country. Learn more from the publication
Foreigner’s stay in Ukraine. Employment permit as a ground for obtainment of residency. Part 1 17.03.2015
Our article on legal requirements for obtainment of residency in Ukraine
Liquidation (winding up) of branch office of foreign company in Ukraine 27.12.2014
Our article on some issues of liquidation of branch office of foreign legal entity in Ukrainian jurisdiction
Foreign company’s representative office vs. limited liability company in Ukraine 14.11.2014
Our article on how to choose between LLC and representative office when entering Ukrainian market
How to register a representative office in Ukraine? 05.11.2014
Our attorneys provide explanations in regard to establishment of representative office of foreign company in Ukraine
Is it possible for a foreigner to be manager of company in Ukraine? 22.10.2014
Our publication about employment of foreign manager of company in Ukraine
Obtainment of work card by an employee of foreign company’s representative office in Ukraine 24.09.2014
Our article on some peculiarities of employment of foreigners at representative of foreign company in Ukraine
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