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Obtainment of employment permit in Ukraine

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When a corporation that is formed under the laws of Ukraine wants to employ a foreigner (which includes employment of foreigner as a CEO of the company), it is obligatory for such foreign citizen to receive employment authorization document (work permit) from Ukrainian authorities.

Besides its primary purpose, the document also serves as a strong legal ground for issuance of temporary residence permit in Ukraine.

Work permit is an obligatory document which means that failure to comply with the requirement of work permit obtainment may result in administrative liability in the form of fines or other unnecessary consequences.

Our attorneys will help you to get work authorization document within 2 weeks. The term may differ depending on the ability of client to provide certain documents, other factors. 

What we do

Our law firm provides full range of legal services that will allow a foreign citizen to get employed in our country in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

Attorney of our office in Kiev will:

  • provide legal advices to clients on legal requirements that are set for foreigners that enter into labor relations in Ukraine (which includes advices regarding  full list of documents that are to be filed with the governmental agencies, up to date official fees for the issuance of the document, other aspects that may interest both employing company and employed individual);
  • if required, organize quick and proper translation as well as notarization of documents;
  • draw up all the necessary applications, reports, fill out required official forms;
  • file all the required documents with the controlling authority in the field of employment (in Kiev and Lviv);
  • if requested, make all the official payments in the name of and at expense of the client;
  • draft standard employment contract that is in conformity with Ukrainian labor legislation, submit its copy to the controlling authority.

Required documents and information

From an individual (employee):

  • a photo 3,5 x 4,5 cm (in color);
  • copy of foreigner’s passport that is translated into Ukrainian and notarized by a notary.
Depending on the ground of work permit obtainment other documents may be required e.g. duly certified copy of diploma for alumni of top 100 world universities.

From a company (employer):

  • power of attorney for lawyers of our law firm with certain powers which among other things include representation in city employment center and other governmental agencies.


Work permit is issued in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On employmen of population".

The official fee for issuance of the work permit is 2-6 subsistence minimums (as of now 1 subsistence minimum is equal to 1921 UAH).

Local bodies (location depends on legal address of employing company) of the State Employment Service issue work permits for the following categories of individuals:

  • regular foreign employees;
  • employees that are also founders/beneficiaries of the company;
  • foreign IT specialist;
  • graduates of top 100 world universities;
  • other categories.

For top 100 universities graduates a diploma is a must from a higher educational institution ranked among top 100 in the world by one of the following international ratings:

  • Times Higher Education;
  • Academic Ranking of World Universities by the Center for World-Class Universities at Shanghai Jiao Tong University;
  • QS World University Rankings by Faculty;
  • Webometrics Ranking of World Universities.

The controlling authorities in Ukraine make their decision based on current year’s ranking or the rankings from previous year or the year before.

Officials of a local body of the State Employment Service are prohibited from requesting documents that are not listed by the law.

Employment authorization document is issued for the period that cannot exceed 3 years. It is subject to prolongation for the same term for unlimited number of times.

If work permit is lost, the law requires employer to inform the local body of the State Employment Service that issued the document, Administration of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine as well as body of the State Migration Service of Ukraine that issued temporary residence permit.

The permit is invalidated when:

  • employer fails to provide copy of employment contract that was entered into with a foreigner or a stateless person;
  • in case of early termination of labor relations between employer and foreigner or stateless person;
  • false information that was provided by the employer gets revealed by the controlling authorities;
  • controlling authorities find out that a foreigner or stateless person works for a different employer or on terms that differ from those provided in the permit;
  • based on other legal grounds.
Successfully rendered services
Work permit obtained in July of 2017

Assisted a businessman from India in obtainment of work authorization document for managing of his company in Ukraine.

Permit for employment of foreign citizens obtained in December of 2016

After completing incorporation procedures, our lawyers helped a client from the USA with employment as CEO of his company which subsequently would serve as a ground for residence permit in Ukraine.

Employment permit received in June of 2016

Our immigration attorneys helped a German citizen to get employment authorization for the position of CEO (director). Subsequently this document allows to apply for residence in Ukraine.

Employment permit received in May of 2016

Immigration attorneys of our law firm helped a citizen of Turkey to get authoritzation for employment as Chief technical officer (CTO) of a company in Ukraine.

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