Legal support of NGO

What we do

  • Development, preparation, analysis, and amendments of contracts for non-profit public organizations;

  • HR management: processes of dismissal, appointment, transfers, and other aspects of employment, as well as assistance in coordinating volunteers;

  • Handling payroll and tax payments for employees of the non-profit organization;

  • Development of internal documents, policies, regulations, instructions, and orders;

  • Conducting general meetings of members and amending statutory documents when necessary;

  • Organizing payroll projects;

  • Consultations on taxation for non-profit organizations in Ukraine and other matters of activity.

Legal support of NGO
from 500 USD/month

Legal support for non governmental organisations in Ukraine

Since NGOs are mostly non-profit organizations and are created to protect certain segments of the population or to carry out social missions, there are many requirements for such organizations and their activities are nuanced. 

Here are just a few of the standard challenges that NGOs face when operating in Ukraine:

  • Initiating operations in Ukraine. It is not enough just to register an NGO, you need to properly draft its Charter, because it is what is stated in the Charter that will determine how your organization will operate. The whole system of work should be thought out in advance, focusing on the objectives of the NGO. Our lawyers help mitigate this issue by providing consultations on NGO/Foundation work, reporting, taxation, rights, and responsibilities, etc. (specific topics can be specified).

  • Making changes to NGOs – adding/removing members, participants of the Foundation, changing the chairman, or address – these are common issues encountered by non-profit organizations. Correct organization of procedures with risk minimization for both participants and the organization is necessary.

  • Maintaining the accounting of a non-profit organization – the main thread here is always the issue of maintaining non-profit status, allocating fund expenditures (80/20), and handling fund receipts. 

  • Engaging volunteers – it is important to remember that engaging volunteers and hiring staff for a public organization are different things. Working with volunteers should also be legally formalized, ideally through contracts. 

The main sticking point is planning integrity, understanding your organization and all its processes as a whole. And ensuring the legal security of that organism. This is exactly what our legal assistants offer you.


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    Convenient with us

    Our goal is to make complex legal processes simple and understandable for you. We know how to put any legal puzzle together, which means you can relax and focus on your core tasks - accomplishing your NGO's mission.
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    Cases of any complexity

    We take on the most difficult challenges and unusual structural solutions for NGOs. We know what will work and what won't. So we save you a lot of time and money on unsuccessful attempts.


Our lawyers will advise you!

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Lawyer for NGO in Ukraine

When starting your work in Ukraine, you may think that you only need to register an NGO, find an accountant, and it will just go from there. But at the start you will face a number of questions:

  • What should be specified in the Charter?

  • What structure and membership rules should be stipulated?

  • What bodies of the board and their powers should be fixed?

  • How to organize target financing and its accounting?

  • Who will supervise the accountant in his work?

  • How to properly distribute funds coming to the NGO and not to violate the 80/20 rule?

  • What funds can be recognized as income and how to avoid this?

  • How to hire staff in an NGO?

And many other questions. In our practice there were a variety of cases from which we took out the main thing - experience, which we are ready to share with you.

In our company you can close all the main functions that will provide you with legal security: legal consulting, accounting, payroll and personnel accounting.


General director Skibinskiy V., Yokogawa Electric Ukraine Ltd.

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President A. Netrebchuk, Ukrainian squash federation

Laywers of your firm did not only draft new version of charter in accordance with our requests and requirements of the amended law but also conducted examination of available charter documents...... More information

General Manager V. Abramov, PJSC "ORGREGIONPROEKT"

Upon requesting services of your law firm we received comprehensive information about representative office registration procedure, required resources and terms that helped us to assess the situation and finally reassure ourseves about the decision we made... More information

L. Sizikova, the first vise-president of the Kyiv CCI , Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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Important to know

Nuances of servicing NGOs in Ukraine

Our lawyers and accountants will pay special attention to the following aspects of NGO functioning in Ukraine:

  • It is necessary to have a plan for money that shows how much money will come in and what it will be spent on in our organization. This plan should be both at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year so that we can know how much we have actually spent. If we are audited by the tax people, this plan will help them know that we are not spending money frivolously and that all expenses are related to what we do.

  • We also need to consider money we receive specifically for certain programs or activities. This includes grants, subsidies, member dues and other donations. These monies are tracked in a separate account. They are used as needed and noted in special counts.

  • It is also necessary to keep track of what we receive without charge, such as services or assets. They are also recorded separately and used in accordance with accounting rules in a regular organization.

A whole team of lawyers, accountants, specialists in personnel accounting works on the organization of processes that will remove such issues from you.

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Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner