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Terms and cost of accreditation of a foreign non-governmental organization in Ukraine

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Today, due to the military actions on the territory of Ukraine and the subsequent need to restore normal life for large groups of the population, a large number of charitable and other non-governmental organizations are being created in Ukraine. Not only new organizations appear here, but also well-known international organizations, such as the Red Cross, begin their active operations.

There is a separate procedure for the work of such NGOs in Ukraine. They can register a new organization in Ukraine or undergo the accreditation procedure, i.e. establish their representative office in the country.

In each case it is worth considering all aspects of the future operation of a NGO in Ukraine to understand what will be more profitable and easier for it - registration of a new organization or accreditation.

Our company provides both types of services, the purpose of which is the normal functioning of foreign NGOs in Ukraine. Today we will talk in detail about the second variant - accreditation. Who may be interested in it, what are the conditions, terms and cost.

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What exactly does accreditation of a non-profit organization in Ukraine provide?

First of all, let us clarify the legal status of such an organization. It is a representative office, it can be registered as a non-legal entity. This means that in all legal relations, for example, when registering with the tax authorities, when hiring an employee, the party will not be the representative office, but the foreign organization itself. 

Accreditation of a non-governmental organization is beneficial for the following organizations:

  • for already well-known organizations that have offices in many countries of the world - it gives the opportunity to perform under "their own brand". Such organizations open representative offices in Ukraine for long-term work;

  • for actively working foreign NGOs that want to conduct a short-term project in Ukraine. For such organizations it is worth conducting a preliminary analysis of the optimality of the decision to accredit a non-governmental organization.

Accreditation of a non-governmental organization somewhat simplifies the start of work of an already well-known organization in Ukraine, as well as gives a number of tax preferences. 

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Stages and terms of accreditation of a non-governmental organization in Ukraine

Accreditation takes place in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. A package of documents is prepared and submitted. One of the most important is the Decision on establishment of the organization's representative office in Ukraine. It should be fully coordinated with the documents of the head office, and at the same time meet the requirements of the laws of Ukraine.

Also the Application for registration is prepared, which should be signed by the head of the representative office - the organization itself appoints him and issues him a power of attorney. First of all a power of attorney is issued to the head, and only then all documents for accreditation are prepared and signed. Our specialists prepare drafts of such power of attorney, help with the legalization of the head's stay, if he/she is a foreigner, as well as assist in the whole process of NGO accreditation in Ukraine.

Timing of accreditation, unfortunately, is not clear today, all because of the impossibility of normal work of state bodies in many regions of the country. We carry out the procedure in Kiev, where after a preliminary estimate we will be able to tell the Client the terms of registration of the representative office.

Cost of accreditation starts from 2500 USD, it includes preliminary consultation with a lawyer and support of procedure in Ukrainian state institutions. We also provide services for non-governmental organizations in Ukraine after their registration.

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