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Temporary residence permit in Ukraine: renewal

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The issue of extending permits in Ukraine may arise for technical expected reasons - for example, it expires, or in connection with some decisions you have made. For example, we are often approached for the renewal or reissuance of a residence permit when a person is planning to get a new job, if the first permit was obtained on the basis of a work permit.

In such a situation, clients are usually interested in whether they will need to leave the territory of Ukraine while waiting for permission, as well as how exactly the procedure itself will take place.

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What is the procedure for renewal of Ukrainian residence permits?

If we continue to talk specifically about the case of a job change and the extension of the residence permit, which was issued through employment, you can sort out two situations:

  • When you stay in the same working place, but the period of permit validity has come to an end;

  • When you change jobs.

In the first case, it will be an extension, and in the second, it will be more like cancelling the first permit and getting a new one. But in both situations, the terms can be matched so that you do not have to wait long or have problems with the migration service.

If you stay in your previous job, the end of the residence permit usually means the end of the employment permit (usually issued for one year). That is, the first thing you need to do is to extend it. This procedure takes only five days and requires an application for renewal from the employer and the original of the previous work permit.

After issuing the extended permit, you can apply with it to the Migration Service. Documents will be reviewed within 15 working days, there is no need to leave Ukraine.

In the second option, you will need to resign in the first place, get a new permit and on the basis of it get a new residence permit. If you will sit and wait for the very moment of dismissal, you may not have enough time to get a new document. But knowing the date of dismissal, you can prepare everything in advance.

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Can the Migration Service refuse to renew the residency?

The Migration Service of Ukraine can both allow further
legal stay in the country and refuse it for certain reasons. The most common grounds for refusal are:

  • At the time of application and review of documents, the previous residence permit is still valid - this sometimes happens if a foreigner is in a hurry and is afraid of missing the deadline for application. The same happens if a foreigner has already obtained Ukrainian citizenship;

  • If it was found that a foreign citizen has violated the rules of stay in Ukraine - most often this applies to previous visits to Ukraine and the violation of the terms of possible stay on its territory;

  • During the check, inconsistencies with the data provided by the foreigner where found - this may relate to the identity of the foreigner, the data on the expiration date of their documents and even information about the financial situation - it is one of the most severe violations, which is difficult to correct later;

  • The required documents are not provided in a complete set, at the wrong time period, or contain errors;

  • A person is suspected of a crime on the territory of Ukraine, or facts have been revealed that his actions pose a threat to national security or public order in the country - any violation of the law in Ukraine can lead to the fact that staying a resident of Ukraine will no longer be possible.

This is not a definitive list, but we list the most common reasons for refusal, to warn you, and to encourage you to check your conditions and situation.

And last but not least, one of the most common reasons for rejection is that you miss the deadline. This is now an extremely painful issue, given the constantly imposed quarantines and not always clear mode of operation of the migration authorities.

Ukraine is trying to meet the needs of foreigners living here, in connection with that a rule was adopted that if your permit has expired, at the time when you had to apply was introduced quarantine - the term will be extended for the duration of the quarantine. That is, these deadlines are sort of turned off, and once the quarantine is lifted, they go again.

Difficulties may arise, however, if the residence permit was issued through employment -  we talked about this in the text above.

If you want to 100% meet the deadline and get a residence permit renewal at the first time - contact us. This will guarantee you not only the absence of mistakes in the documents, but also a preliminary analysis of your situation with the recommendations of a professional migration lawyer.

Cost and documents for extension and restoration of residence permits here.

Views: 790
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