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Draft prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

What we do

  • We will advise you on how to draft the type of agreement you are interested in;
  • Analyze your situation and your goals;
  • Prepare a draft that will suit both parties;
  • We will conduct negotiations between the parties in the most comfortable and relaxed environment;
  • We will explain to you each clause of the agreement and its importance for you;
  • We will help you organize the process of signing the marriage or postnuptial agreement;
  • We will stay in touch for further consultations;
  • If necessary, we will help with making changes or terminating the agreement.
Draft prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
from 600 USD

Cost of drafting a prenuptial agreement in Ukraine

Concluding a prenuptial agreement at any stage of your relationship is a reasonable measure. Yes, it is not so widespread in Ukraine, but our law firm has quite a lot of experience in helping to conclude such agreements.

The fact that the very form of regulation of relations, as a marriage contract, began to appear in Ukraine not so long ago, can only affect the attitude toward this process of your other half. Not everyone initially understands the advantages of such an agreement. And already at this stage, our lawyers will help in two directions: we will explain why you shouldn't be afraid of the the agreement, and what advantages it will give, and also play the role of mediators between the two parties.

A premarital agreement is your opportunity to enter into marriage, a new type of relationship for you, taking care of your own safety in many aspects. Keep in mind that there are many issues that can be covered in such a document, including the obligation to take care of incapacitated family members, financial issues, and more.

Entering into a prenuptial agreement can make divorce virtually painless. Yes, you don't want to think about divorce during the bright period of your wedding day. But it will be much more painful to get a scandalous divorce through the courts.

As for the timing and cost of the agreement, everything can be prepared in a few days. It will not require some kind of assessment of financial status, etc. The cost of the services of a lawyer you will be able to stipulate at the initial consultation. It will depend on what kind of assistance you need.


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    We work with foreigners

    Our main audience is foreign citizens and companies that have interests in Ukraine. This means that we not only make your communication with us simple and understandable, but we also know exactly what problems you may encounter in Ukraine. And how to help avoid them.
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    Not just a family lawyer

    The issue of developing a prenuptial agreement or other types of agreement will affect many nuances of your relationships and life. Firstly, this will concern property. We will be able to involve not only a specialist in family law, but also a best lawyer in real estate, tax law, etc. You will be able to get any legal help you need.


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Create a postnuptial agreement in Ukraine

In essence, a postnuptial agreement is simply a marriage agreement, but with a more precise specification of the subject of the agreement. It describes the procedure for dividing property and other important issues during a divorce.

It may include items relating to financial issues, as well as the terms of the divorce - how this will happen, even inheritance issues. You can enter into this agreement at any stage of your marriage, and we will show you how to do it correctly and with the least amount of stress in your family.


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Important to know

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreement in Ukraine

These types of agreements essentially give you the opportunity to resolve difficult emotional issues in your relationship as painlessly as possible. You can think about many things ahead of time with a sober mind and in a stress-free situation. It is so much easier than trying to negotiate with each other while in the midst of a divorce or fight.

You will basically get a guide to action, which you came up with and agreed to by yourselves, with minor adjustments from an experienced lawyer.

Notice! The prenuptial and postnuptial agreement is not a tool that is designed to humiliate or deprive one party of everything. On the contrary, it is an opportunity for both parties to feel secure.

Moreover, you always have the option of amending such an agreement if both parties agree to it. Or even by filing a lawsuit in court - you have this option as well.

As for the technical side of the agreements, our team takes care of the preparation of the entire process. For example, if a foreigner is a party to the agreement, a TIN will be required for the notary to conclude the agreement. We will obtain it for you, including remotely, if you are not in Ukraine at the moment.

We will help you reach an agreement, even when it is emotionally difficult. And we will take care of your 100% legal safety.

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Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner