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Obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine on the basis of marriage

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Many foreigners come to Ukraine and fall in love not only with the country itself. So, you’ve decided to get married in Ukraine - where to go and what to do?

We will discuss the most important aspects of the matter and answer the most common questions about marriage in Ukraine. 

To start with, remember:

  • Your marriage must be contracted.
  • The foreigner’s period of stay in Ukraine must not exceed 60 days for the last 180 calendar days.
  • There must be no bans for foreigner to enter Ukraine.
  • Foreigner’s passport validity period should be at least 1.5 year. Empty pages are also required.
  • The husband or wife in Ukraine must have a place of registration.

The procedure of receiving the temporary residence permit here in Ukraine due to the marriage consists of several steps. Let's talk about them.

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First step: register your marriage and receive a type C visa

Important! This step is necessary only for those foreigners who come from countries which did not sign the agreement of visa-free travel with Ukraine. Otherwise, the person can freely come to Ukraine for marriage registration.Also remember: the reason for TRP obtainment is the marriage itself - not the country where it was registered. It is also common to get married in the foreigners country and then come to Ukraine.Our company can help You with obtaining any kind of required visas or the TRP itself.Receiving the type C visa requires a whole pack of documents including the passport of the foreigner, the insurance and the invitation from the bride or groom in Ukraine.When preparing the documents and the application form, You need to note the specific reason: “Registration of marriage”. Majority of the documents must be notarized.
After receiving the type C visa, You must wait for 30 days and then receive the Certificate of marriage registration.

Second step: receiving the type D visa

Remember! When You receive Your Certificate of marriage registration You must leave Ukraine in purpose of getting a type D visa.The Marriage Certificate will be one of the numerous documents in the list for applying for the visa. Another important thing to remember is that You will need to pass the interview. We can help You with the preparation process for it.

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Third step: obtaining the residence permit 

If You’ve successfully received the type D visa, You can come to Ukraine and submit documents for getting a residence permit. It must be done at the place of husband’s or wife’s registration.Important! Please remember to submit documents to the Migration Service at least 15 calendar days before expiration of foreigner’s legal stay in Ukraine.The procedure requires personal presence as the person will be photographed and his or her fingerprints will be taken for the Demographic register.

It takes about 15 days - 1 month for the residence permit to be ready, if all documents where all right.

Final step: the registration 

As a final step You need to get Your local registration at Your husband’s or wife’s address.
Remember! The validity period of residence permit is 1 year.

Every case is unique and a legal help can be Your lucky ticket to Ukraine. Our lawyers can help You on any stage of the process. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Views: 1445
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