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Can the Migration Service refuse to extend my residency in Ukraine?

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Unfortunately, in the process of extending your residence permit, you can indeed be denied. The most common reasons for refusing to renew a residence permit are:

  • the foreigner already have a valid residence permit on the day of application;

  • the foreigner has violated the established term of stay in Ukraine;

  • there is a discrepancy with the data indicated by the non-resident when submitting documents for residence permit;

  • the person has Ukrainian citizenship;

  • documents and information were not submitted in full or with violation of time limits;

  • the foreigner presented forged or expired documents;

  • etc.

The most problematic aspect of the residence permit renewal procedure is that the Migration Service may refuse to issue you a residence permit, while reviewing your documents for the entire due date, and you will miss the time for submitting documents. 

Moreover, the standard rejection lists of the Migration Service often do not specify a specific reason for refusing to issue or extend a residence permit. This means that without the necessary knowledge in the field and the ability to make inquiries to state agencies, you may not be able to guess what was wrong with the submitted documents.

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Is there anything I can do if my residence permit is not renewed?

First of all, you need to find out the reason for refusing to renew your residence permit. Standardly, the Migration Service may refer to a certain point of its internal instructions. An experienced lawyer, seeing in the refusal of this or that point, will be able with the help of a variety of inquiries to find out what it did not like the Service, and will prompt whether you can help in this situation.

In addition, given the global quarantine and the introduction of restrictive measures in most countries of the world, including Ukraine, set special deadlines for applying for administrative and other services and deadlines for providing these services, defined by law. 

So, for example, if you could not renew your residence permit because of the quarantine imposed in Ukraine, and you have expired, you can still renew it. But this is the easiest option.

Our company offers you help with the registration or extension of residence permits in Ukraine, even in difficult situations. 

You need help with the guaranteed extension of residence permit in Ukraine? Please contact us! We will help you to avoid rejection and stay in Ukraine legally.

Views: 830
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