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Receiving the temporary residence permit (TRP) by LLC registration: procedure and benefits

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So, You’ve decided to stay in Ukraine and need to decide how to receive a TRP in the fastest and easiest way. 

Today we’ve decided to talk about such way or TRP receiving as registration of Your own company in Ukraine.

So, let’s name all the stages You’ll need to undergo in the process:

  • Receiving an identification number;
  • Registration of a legal entity (LLC) which is established by a foreigner. This stage has some specific peculiarities we will discuss later;
  • Getting a work permit for a foreigner by an employer (registered LLC);
  • CEO’s replacement for a foreigner;
  • Receiving a temporary resident permit;
  • Registration of place of residence in Ukraine.

Now we will talk more specifically on each stage.

How to receive an identification number in Ukraine?

As a foreigner, You cannot hold a job position in Ukraine or register a firm here without this number. To receive it, You’ll need to provide a local lawyer with Your passport and a power of attorney which can be issued at the nearest notary’s office (in case, if You are staying in Ukraine at the moment). 

You can also receive the IN (identification number) without visiting Ukraine, if you’ll send all the documents by mail. Just notice, that in this case the power of attorney must be prepared by the local lawyers and legalized or apostilled in Your country. 

We can get the IN during 1 week after receiving Your documents.

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What is the process of the LLC registration in Ukraine?

We often recommend to choose the LLC as an organizational form as it has easier establishment process.

First step that needs to be taken is the assembling of the general meeting where such things will happen:

  • establishment of the LLC;
  • elections of the head of the company;
  • approving of the documents;
  • determination of the LLC’s address and directions of activities;
  • definition of the size of shares capital. 

As a result, You'll get a protocol of the general meeting which is needed for the further registration. As its preparation as well as the development of the charter require knowledge of the local legislation, we highly recommend applying to the local lawyer. 

We can draft all the needed documents and complete the registration process on the basis of a power of attorney in two days.

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For a faster procedure without applying for additional permits and documents, You should use services of a nominal director on this stage. As a foreigner, You can’t hold a position in Ukrainian company including a position of a director, without a previously received work permit. This means, that after the registration, this position must be occupied by Ukrainian citizen. 

We can also provide You with the address for the LLC registration, if You don’t have one.

Getting a work permit (WP) for a foreigner: what to do? 

First thing to do is to send an application for such permit on behalf of a registered LLC.

This document must be written on an official blank, signed by a present director and sealed. It also must include: 

  • a validity term of a work permit; 
  • a position for a foreigner; 
  • information about company’s address and directions of activity; 
  • a clause about a position’s ineligibility to the state secret etc.

Appendixes to the application include photo, passport and the labor agreement project.

WP can be issued in 7 days if the documents are formed correctly and don’t contain any mistakes.

The last step will be getting the type D visa on the basis of a work permit by foreigner and visiting Ukraine. A foreigner can get a temporary resident permit after visiting Ukraine with this type D visa.

If you want to receive it via courier, it can be organized, as the permit can be received by the director with the power of attorney.

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How does the CEO’s replacement happen?

As an example, when we were working with our Clients from abroad, our lawyers prepared a protocol of a general meeting beforehand, which approved a replacement of the CEO. This is a necessary step for the process.

These documents must be submitted to the state registrar after their notarization. The Unified state register publishes the information on its site and a foreigner becomes a legal director of an LLC.

Getting a temporary residence permit 

To start the process, You need to write a legal entity’s petition on an official blank, sign and seal it by yourself. In addition, such documents are required:

  • a passport; 
  • a health insurance policy; 
  • a work permit.

Such permit can be issued for 3 years. With its help You can stay in Ukraine longer legally and visit/leave Ukraine as much as You wish.

Our service: Obtainment of temporary residence permit in Ukraine

How to register the place residence in Ukraine?

After getting a residence permit You need to register Your place of residence. 

Of course, You can choose any place. Moreover, an address also can be nominal. A written application about registration can be submitted by yourself personally or by an authorized person via a power of attorney. This procedure must be done in 30 days strictly.

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If you want to start your own business in Ukraine and stay here legally for a long time, lawyers of our company can successfully provide you a legal help.

We can also provide You with legal recommendations on issues related to any of the abovementioned stages.

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