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How can I adopt a child from Ukraine?

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Many families, faced with the terrible problem of infertility, or for other reasons, make a brave and noble decision to adopt a child. All that remains to be done is to decide where and how best to do it.

Unfortunately, the legislation of many countries creates restrictions for parents wishing to adopt a child. Many people have been waiting in line for years, hoping to hear the call and the desired positive decision.

Ukraine gives foreigners the opportunity to adopt a child to create a family. But as any issue on which the fate of a person directly depends, the issue of adoption is not that simple.

When foreigners ask us for help in adoption from Ukraine, we often hear the following questions:

  • What do we need for adoption in Ukraine? 
  • How to adopt a baby (babies) from Ukraine?
  • What documents are necessary for adoption?
  • Under what age can a child be adopted?
  • Is the consent of the child required for adoption?
  • How much does it cost to adopt a child from Ukraine? 

Today we will try to give you an idea of how the procedure of adoption in Ukraine by a foreigner is held.

Can I adopt a child from Ukraine?

According to Ukrainian laws, only a person who’ve reached 21 years old and is legally capable, can adopt a child. There are also following rules:

  • Age gap. At least 15 years.
  • Only married couples.

The only exception is when the adoptive parent is a relative of the child.

But of course, there are some strict rules for determining who CAN NOT be an adoptive parent:

  • a person with heavy health problems - physical and mental. There is a special list of diseases, approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, that will be an insurmountable obstacle for adoption process;
  • person with the alcohol, drug or other addiction;
  • people with insufficient financial resources - those who will not be able to give child required financial help;
  • criminals of certain category;
  • married couples of the same sex;
  • those, who have been deprived of parent rights earlier.

What documents do I need for adoption?

The whole procedure is long and consist of several stages that may require additional packages of documents. But we will tell You what to pay attention to at the start of Your journey.

A document confirming that You can be an adoptive parent. It is commonly called “Conclusion” and must be obtained from a competent authority in Your country. We can always consult You on which authority to apply to and how this document must look like.

It must contain lots of information including the personal attitude of the person towards adoption, information about whether such person visited specific “training for adoptive parents” and information on specific characteristics of future child (how many they are ready to adopt, whether they can take care of a child with special needs, etc.).

Specific permit for a future child. Basically, it is an entry permit for any child who will be adopted at the end of the procedure. It is not personalized, as at the start You have no idea, how Your future baby will look like or called.

Document that proves that You have no criminal records. We can advise You on where to go for its obtainment and how to do it as fast as possible.

Physician's Medical Report. All documents must be translated to Ukrainian and written in the specific application forms. We can help You with that. 

Of course, collecting documents is only a first step of Your road to the happy family. But what a prize is waiting for You at the end! 

We can help You during all process, advice on how to answer the questions during the interview in the Ministry of Social Policy or how to get on the adoptive register.

If You wish to fulfill Your dream and adopt a child from Ukraine - call us!

Views: 1770
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