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Obtainment of temporary residence permit in Ukraine

What we do

Our attorneys will:

  • provide legal advices on whether it is possible to get temporary residence document in Ukraine in your particular situation;

  • if more than one legal ground is applicable in your case, they will help to choose the most optimal one;

  • help with obtainment (formalization) of some documents during preparatory stage (e.g. medical insurance);

  • provide legal services related to formation of corporation (when a foreigner chooses to stay in Ukraine for doing business);

  • draw up certain documents that are required for issuance of the permit, fill out applications, standard forms, etc;

  • deal with governmental agencies (including Migration Service of Ukraine and its divisions, State administrations etc.) responsible for issuance of residency permits as well as some other documents. This includes submission of documents, supervision of consideration of the documents etc;

  • advise on the matters of the official fee payment and if requested make payments in client’s name and at his expense;

  • help to find accommodations in Ukraine for the purposes of official registration at a certain address;

  • provide other related legal services depending on client’s requests and final goals.


Temporary residence permit in Ukraine (basic)
from 850 USD

How can I get a temporary residence permit in Ukraine?

A foreign citizen may need to get a temporary residence permit in Ukraine for a variety of reasons. 

  • Your company opens its branch office in Ukraine and you are moving here to work at it? 

  • You are a business person and want to set up your corporation in Ukraine? 

  • You married a person from Ukraine and want to spend more time with you spouse in the country of her/his origin? 

If you do not want to give up your current citizenship but need to stay in our country for a prolonged period of time (usually more than 90 days in 180 days period), a temporary residency permit is the document you need.

The permit of our average client is received within 3-4 weeks. The term may be shorter or longer depending on a particular client’s situation (applicable ground for obtainment of permit, availability of certain documents in client’s possession). To get temporary residence permit easy and quicker, you just need to prepare beforehand, like check your passport, arrange a visa etc. We will give you all the information and check if there is a specific requirements for you.

You can read more about our practical experience in our publications on easy obtainment of Ukrainian residence permit for a citizen of Germany and residence permit for a citizen of USA. We get residence permits in Ukraine for citizens of Europe, Britain, Canada, China and many other countries - easy and with a reasonable cost.

Successfully rendered services

Temporary residence permit recieved in July of 2016

The permit was obtained for a client from Germany based on the ground of employment in Ukraine


  • plus

    We can help with the grounds for the residence permit

    If you do not have an obvious basis for a residence permit in Ukraine, we can help solve this issue. For example, to register a LLC in Ukraine.
  • plus

    Consultation of an English-speaking lawyer in Kiev

    Our firm employs lawyers who have an excellent knowledge of English and will be able to quickly and easily guide you through the matter.


Our lawyers will advise you!

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Required documents

  • Document that confirms a reason of getting a residence permit (certificate about marriage, work permit etc.)
  • Notarized translation of foreigner’s passport
  • Health insurance

Required documents and information on the residence permit in Ukraine

  • original of foreigner’s passport or its copy that is translated into Ukrainian and notarized by a notary;

  • original of work permit, marriage certificate or other document that serves as a ground for residence in Ukraine;

  • medical insurance (if necessary our law firm will help to get one that will meet all the requirements for obtaining a residence permit).

Our attorneys may request some additional documents depending on legal grounds and special requirements you have for permit obtainment.



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Important to know

Different grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine

In general the most common grounds for issuance of the residency permit are:

  • employment of a foreign citizen in Ukraine which includes cases of employment by a representative office of foreign company duly registered in our country as well as establishment of one’s own company for doing business in Ukraine (employment as its CEO);

  • marriage with citizen of Ukraine (either male or female) or other kinship with Ukrainians;

  • kinship with a foreign citizen who stays in Ukraine based on legal grounds provided by Ukrainian laws;

There are other grounds which allow a foreign citizen to stay in Ukraine for extended periods of time. Registering a company and being employed as a director is the most common option for those who do not have relatives or a job in Ukraine but want to move here. Cost of a residence permit will vary depending on your situation.

We will review your situation and find the option that works best for you.


A D visa is the same as a residence permit?
No. Visa D gives only the right to stay in Ukraine for 90 days. After that, the foreigner will have to go abroad of Ukraine. D Visa is one of the stages of registration of residence permit.
Can I obtain a temporary residence permit first and then change it to a permanent one?
In order to obtain a permanent residence permit, the foreigner must have an explicit reason, which is most often different from the reason for the temporary residence permit.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner