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11.01.2021 How to open a business in Ukraine? Will it be possible to relocate my employees to Ukraine? To open a branch in Ukraine. How to move employees to Ukraine?
04.01.2021 Residence permit in Ukraine through employment
How to get a residence permit in Ukraine through employment? Help of a lawyer in Kyiv
14.12.2020 How to provide Refundable Financial Aid for your business in Ukraine? Lending your business in Ukraine: how to do it right?
24.11.2020 Why do I need a new passport when getting a residence permit by marriage in Ukraine? How to obtain a residence permit in Ukrain through marriage? Lawyer Kyiv.
16.11.2020 Relocation of IT specialists to Ukraine in 2020 How to carry out the redeployment of IT workers to Ukraine? Obtaining a work permit in Ukraine for IT specialist
01.03.2021 Where to get a business invitation to Ukraine and why it is more reliable to get a visa? Order a business invitation to Ukraine. Lawyer visa in Ukraine
22.02.2021 How to buy a ready-made business in Ukraine? Checking a ready-made company in Ukraine Legal services for verification of a ready-made business in Ukraine before the purchase. Lawyer Kyiv
15.02.2021 Residence permit in Ukraine "turnkey": terms and cost How much does it cost to get a residence permit in Ukraine?
08.02.2021 What requirements are set for IT specialists to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine? Get a residence permit in Ukraine, legal aid in Ukraine
01.02.2021 How to buy a company in Ukraine? What to consider when buying? Buy a ready-made company in Kiev, legal assistance
30.03.2020 Drastic reduction of the official fee for registration of a representative office in Ukraine! The cost and time of registration of a representative office in Ukraine has been significantly reduced. Let's talk about it
13.02.2015 Ukrainian government simplified procedure of work permit obtainment by foreign IT specialists From now on foreign employees of Ukrainian IT companies will face less difficulties when getting employment permit in Ukraine
14.11.2014 The Supreme Court of Ukraine made ruling in regard to invalidation of decisions of general meeting of shareholders The Supreme Court of Ukraine made ruling concerning protection of shareholders' management rights
07.09.2020 Can a foreigner buy land in Ukraine? Land market news in Ukraine When will it be possible to buy land in Ukraine? Assistance of a real estate lawyer in Kyiv.
02.05.2019 National Bank of Ukraine simplifies opening of bank accounts in Ukraine The National bank of Ukraine (hereinafter - the NBU) amended its Instruction on the procedure of opening, use and closing of bank accounts for foreign businesses in Ukraine...
12.03.2019 From now on foreigners do not have to leave Ukraine for D type visa On the 6th of March 2019 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine cancelled the obligatory requirement for foreign citizens who want to apply for residence permit to leave the country and apply for D type visa outside of Ukraine (e.g. in the home country of such foreigner)...
20.09.2017 Ministry of Justice of Ukraine approves instruction on the procedure of alimony recovery Ukrainian Ministry of Justice adopted instruction on international collection of alimony and other forms of family support...
02.08.2017 A new project of License regulations on activity of employment agencies in foreign countries is proposed in Ukraine Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine proposed amendments regarding regulations on issuance of licenses for foreign employment agency services in Ukraine...
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