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Accounting outstaffing in Ukraine

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Many entrepreneurs, entering the market of Ukraine, immediately face the need to understand the rather complicated tax system in the country, and even more confusing processes of accounting activities.

For many, the optimal solution is the conclusion of a contract for the provision of accounting services on outsourcing. What it is and what benefits it provides, we will tell you today.

Advantages of our company when working as outsourcing contractors in Ukraine

When working with foreign clients, we rarely offer only accounting outsourcing services. The fact is that entrepreneurs, entering the Ukrainian market, largely unfamiliar to them, and acting according to its own rules, require professional support in the following processes:

  • Opening an account in a Ukrainian bank and its administration. The fact is that all monetary transactions (almost all) when doing business in Ukraine, take place through bank accounts. At the same time not only accounting is important, but also the correct maintenance of such accounts. Often there are emergency situations that can be resolved only by a person familiar with the Ukrainian banking systems, and who understands the threat, for example, the lack of payment reference on the receipt, etc.;

  • Hiring personnel or relocating them to Ukraine. In this process you should understand how to officially register personnel, for example, developers and other staff in Ukraine. And what to do if these personnel are foreigners. We offer our services to foreign IT or other business projects, helping to relocate workers and top personnel to Ukraine if necessary. Our migration department provides services for work permits in Ukraine and temporary or permanent residence permits.

In addition, our company is a legal company in the first place, which means that all our accountants work under the supervision and with the help of lawyers. This creates a reliable legal protection, because in any complex issue an accountant will come straight to a lawyer for advice, and the responsibility for the correctness of the accounting will be the lawyer.

Our standard business service package often includes what we call legalservising - it’s basically legal advice on all matters relating to your business or project in Ukraine.

Accounting outstaffing in Ukraine is an opportunity to get the top quality service you need at once, without worrying about the legality of your activity and its registration. It can also give you the opportunity to smoothly enter the course of business in Ukraine, to understand the processes, and then already hire a lawyer and an accountant to your staff, if necessary.

All details about our services here.

Views: 671
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