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Supported process of US citizen residence obtainment

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In summer of 2014 our Kiev law office was contacted by a foreigner (American citizen) who planned on moving to our country for doing business in Ukraine. His company was to specialize in advising on the matters of foreign investments. Lawyers of our law firm provided full legal support of entry onto Ukrainian market which consisted of several stages: incorporation, obtainment of work permit and residence permit in Ukraine. To learn more about our legal services provided during the first two stages follow the links above.

Since the client wanted to head the future company as CEO and manage its business activities from Ukraine, our final task was to get temporary residence card. This would allow the American citizen not only to stay in Ukraine for the period exceeding 90 days, but also subsequently apply for permanent residency in Ukraine.

In accordance with Ukrainian legislation our client fell under category of foreigners who were subject to obtainment of “D” type visa for the following receiving of temporary resident card in Ukraine. Thus, the client who originally visited our country on general grounds without any visa (as a tourist) had to fly back to the US, get the abovementioned visa and only after that cross Ukrainian border. During this process our migration law attorneys provided all the necessary legal advices regarding obtainment of the visa as well as mailed necessary documents to the US.

As of the moment when our client crossed the border with “D” type visa (valid for 45 days), we had already prepared all the required documents for submission to the bodies of Migration Service of Ukraine in Kiev. Among other things our lawyers got medical insurance that is an obligatory document that is to be filed for residence card issuance.

Also, since our client had no other contacts in Ukraine other than our law firm and was unable to find permanent dwelling for the purposes of official registration, lawyers of migration law practice of our firm helped him with search and subsequent registration at the address.

Application form, notarized translation of the foreigner’s passport, work permit, receipts proving payment of the official state fees as well as other documents and their copies that are required for issuance of temporary residence permit in Ukraine had been prepared by our lawyers, but had to be submitted personally by the client, since in this particular situation laws of Ukraine do not allow filing of the documents with the controlling authorities based on power of attorney.

The residence permit was received within the shortest possible term. After this our lawyers completed procedure of the client’s registration at the address.

Contact our law office in Kiev in order to find out more about services related to obtainment of temporary residency permit in Ukraine.

Views: 5230
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