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Is it safe to register a firm in Ukraine to obtain a residence permit?

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To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine, any foreigner must have one of the grounds specified by the law of Ukraine. The most common are marriage to a Ukrainian, study at a Ukrainian university or work in a Ukrainian company with the appropriate permit. But what to do if there is no such ground?

One of the most popular schemes for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine without grounds — registration of the company and employment in it. Is such a scheme safe? What will happen to the company in the future? Is it worth it to lead its activities and how to deal with taxes?

Today we will answer these questions and tell you how such a scheme can be safe and work to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine. Our company helps to get a residence permit and citizenship in Ukraine for more than 14 years, and we know exactly what we're talking about.

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How is the registration of a company to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine?

First of all, let us say that the registration of the business itself is not the basis for obtaining a residence permit. The basis will be a work permit in Ukraine, which you get as the director of a newly established company. In this case, if in the future you want to issue a residence permit for your family, you can go two ways:

  • Hire them in the same company and get a work permit. But in this situation, the company will begin to pay taxes for the employee, which they do not do with just the director;

  • Issue a residence permit for the family on the basis of "family reunification. This is a more convenient way, but it is important to remember that on this basis you will not be able to obtain a residence permit, for example, for the common-law wife or spouse.

The algorithm of business registration for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine will be as follows:

  1. Registration of LLC in Ukraine with you as the founder. In this case, the director of the LLC is appointed a Ukrainian (it will be one of the lawyers of the firm);

  2. On behalf of the LLC you apply for a work permit in Ukraine, we also help you to get a TIN in Ukraine;

  3. After obtaining the TIN we replace the director of the firm — you replace our lawyer in this position.

Each of these stages requires a different set of documents and understanding of the norms of Ukrainian legislation. You need to invest in time — most procedures can be done before your entry into Ukraine, by power of attorney.

How do I keep track of a company registered to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine?

Once you have registered a company, you must comply with the rules of maintaining it, i.e. pay taxes regularly and submit reports to the tax service. 

The complexity of the process will depend on whether you are going to use the company for real business in Ukraine. Remember — it is always a good start and an opportunity to develop your own business. 

If there is no activity — the so-called "blank" reports are submitted to the tax office, and regarding taxes, our lawyer will give you all the information on the rates and their payment. 

But it is important to pay taxes, as well as to submit reports, in time and without interruptions. After all, the validity of your work permit, and therefore the validity of the residence permit, depends on the existence of the company.

Our company offers you a full range of services for business registration in Ukraine and registration of residence permits:

  • Registration of LLC in Kiev;

  • Registration of insurance in Ukraine, including from COVID-19;

  • Obtaining a foreigner TIN;

  • Registration of TIN for a foreigner in Ukraine;

  • Appointment of a foreigner as Director of his Ltd;

  • Obtaining residence permit in Ukraine on the basis of work permit in Ukraine;

  • Organization of residence registration in Kiev.

If you want to get not only a residence permit in Ukraine, but to be sure that you will be able to keep this permit — contact us. 

Views: 340
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