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Registration of a charitable foundation in Ukraine

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Clients often come to us with requests for registration or purchase of a charitable foundation in Ukraine. The thing is that the very notion of charity and volunteer activity has been actively gaining momentum for the last 10 years in Ukraine. Dozens of initiatives and organizations with great goals and missions have been launched and developed in the country.

Volunteer and charitable projects stand a good chance of receiving aid, participating in tenders and public projects. There is a large base of volunteers ready to answer the call.

That is why more and more often such organizations are opened by foreigners who are interested in this kind of activity. Of course, everything must not only be registered in accordance with the law, but also properly organized.

That is why we not only do the registration actions themselves, according to the wishes and requests of clients, but also provide advice about the further work of the fund or organization in Ukraine. What distinguishes us from other companies - caring about the future security of the Client.

Open legal charity organization in Ukraine: what activities can you choose?

The activity of your foundation can be directed practically in any direction. In our practice, we created organizations for the protection of children, animals, foundations that dealt with the issue of cultural education of society, women's rights, help for low-income groups of the population.

There will be no difference in the registration process depending on the direction of activity. But it is very important to indicate the direction itself in the statutory documents. It is worth indicating what exactly the aid will consist of, how it will all be organized within the framework of the foundation. We often insist on specification of the persons (groups) who will be assisted. All this can be done in the process of personal development of the charter and other documents of the foundation.

Many Clients immediately ask the question: how to register an international fund - will the registration procedure be different? To this question we answer at once - it will not. And such a concept as an international foundation, in fact, no longer exists. If you register an organization according to all the rules in Ukraine, it will be able to work on the territory of those countries where its governing body decides.

Cost of services for registration of a  charitable foundation for foreign founders to order here.

Specifics of the structure of a charitable foundation: founders, branches, management bodies

The founder of the fund can be a foreign citizen himself, or his company - a foreign legal entity. However, if the founder is a company, it will additionally need a document of its registration from the country of registration.

The main management bodies are usually the general meeting of founders, the executive body and the supervisory board. The foundation may have a head or a collegial executive body. A separate issue, which should not be left to chance, is the procedure of liquidation of the management bodies and the foundation itself. Even if this issue seems very far away, you can take care of safe liquidation at the start, which will reduce your costs at the right time.

All information about the founders, the management structure, who is the head of the foundation, as well as the provisions regarding the non-profit status should be immediately recorded in the foundation's articles of association.

As for the fund's branches, it is possible to register them already when establishing a primary organization. 

Many other complex issues arise during registration, such as profit and accounting. They already refer to the very activity of the fund, so, if necessary, we provide information to our clients about further work in Ukraine.

Moreover, we can offer maintenance of the Foundation at the beginning of its work in Ukraine - legal and accounting. It is profitable for you in case you are planning large-scale actions or attracting a big number of volunteers, including foreign citizens.

Among our services:

  • Development of statutory documents for the registration of the fund;

  • Submission of documents and monitoring their consideration - we are always in touch in Ukraine with the registration authority, which allows to react in time to any request;

  • Development of the structure of the fund, legal advice on the management bodies, membership and order of assistance;

  • Consultation of a lawyer regarding the further work of the fund to maintain its non-profit status, etc.

If you are planning to establish a charitable foundation in Ukraine for the implementation of your idea  - contact us. We will offer exactly the option that suits you and support you even after registration. 

Cost of services for registration of a  charitable foundation for foreign founders to order here.

Views: 830