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How to open a bank account for a foreigner in Ukraine?

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You may need to open an account in a Ukrainian bank, for example, if you want to buy real estate in Ukraine, open your business in its territory or conduct money transactions here with convenience. 

Most often, we offer assistance in opening an account with a Ukrainian bank as one of the components of a more comprehensive service: support for the purchase of real estate in Ukraine or, for example, obtaining a residence permit through the opening of the firm, etc.

If you want to understand the procedure yourself, or just to understand its complexity - read on.

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Algorithm for opening a bank account if you are a foreigner

The seemingly elementary procedure, however, has many pitfalls. Thus, many banks simply refuse to open an account for those foreigners who have exceeded the term of stay in Ukraine. In that case, you need to know exactly which bank to go to. And there are so many nuances.

The first thing you have to decide is which bank to choose: 

  • state-owned - such banks are more reliable and may have more advantageous lending terms and conditions, and the number of branches usually exceeds the number of branches of a private bank;
  • private - with employees of such banks it is possible to settle roughness quickly and easily and to agree on suitable service. They also have more developed Internet banking, and most often a more advantageous exchange rate.

Теперь переходим к видам счетов, которые Вы можете открыть в Украине: 

  • card - you can perform operations both at ATM and at manager;
  • current - transactions are performed with a manager at the bank; 
  • deposit - operations are not performed until the end of the contract between the Client and the bank. 
  • investment - all transactions that can be attributed to or relate to investor activities. For example, to buy out a share of the authorized capital of the Ukrainian enterprise, for a start money should be transferred to a special investment account. 

What does the decision depend on? First of all, from your goals - what are you going to do with the account?

  • If you plan to conduct any financial activity and use a bank account for non-cash money turnover - card or current account will suit you;
  • If you want to buy real estate in the secondary market of Ukraine - card or current account will also be suitable;
  • If you want to increase your capital, and you are impressed by the deposit interest of Ukrainian banks - you can open a deposit account. 

Any type of account can be opened both in national and foreign currency of Ukraine.

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What kind of documents will it take?

You'll need the following documents: 

  • passport;

Important! If you are at the time of account opening in Ukraine, your stay must be legal. 

  • information about the place of residence / stay of a foreigner in Ukraine; 

Such a document may not be necessary, if you specify all the nuances with the bank employees in advance. 

  • proof of solvency;
  • Ukrainian translation of the passport;

This is an optional requirement, we always recommend having your passport transferred before you open an account. By taking this simple step, further complications can be avoided. 

  • tax identification number (should be received in advance);
  • work permit / residence permit.

Both the registration number and the residence or work permit may become obligatory documents for opening an account by a foreigner. 

If you need help with which bank to contact without any of these documents - contact us, we can advise and help you in this matter.

Views: 1119
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