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I am a representative of a religious organization, how can I get a residence permit in Ukraine?

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Foreign nationals come to Ukraine for a variety of purposes. Some of them come here because of their faith and to help their church or religious organization. Such foreigners can obtain a residence permit through work/activity in a religious organisation in Ukraine.

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The procedure for applying for a residence permit if you plan to stay in Ukraine through work in a religious organisation

The first step is to collect all documents and enter Ukraine. For those countries with which Ukraine has not concluded certain visa agreements, a D-visa for entry into the country will have to be obtained. 

Immediately upon arrival you need to obtain insurance for a specified period (for the period of war it is 3 years), and translations of your passport into Ukrainian.

In order to obtain a residence permit, it is necessary to obtain approval from the state authorities that have registered the religious organization with which the foreigner plans to cooperate.

For example, we accompanied a group of Roman Catholic nuns from Poland and Slovenia to move to Ukraine. They tried to process the permit themselves but were denied, and decided not to risk a second time. 

We started by sending a clarifying request to the regional state administration, and having received approval, we prepared and submitted all the documents ourselves. It took only 1 month to obtain a residence permit for the whole group of nuns.

Of course, we arrange the insurance and translation of the documents ourselves and help the religious organisation prepare the draft application. The filing of documents always takes place in person by the foreigner, we organise a meeting time and accompany you to the state office if necessary.

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Alternatives to obtaining a residence permit through a religious organisation: how is it convenient for a foreigner?

We were also approached by another client, an American citizen pastor who was planning to move to Ukraine. Initially he was planning to work with a Ukrainian volunteer organisation and move as a volunteer, but we explained that this was not the best option for him. After all, with this permit, it is not possible to be involved in another Ukrainian organisation or to carry out activities outside of it.

As in the situation with volunteering, foreigners invited by religious organizations only carry out their activities in such organizations, with the official approval of the body that carried out the registration of the charter of the respective religious organization.

In such a situation, we often offer a proven volunteer organisation that is engaged in work in Ukraine and abroad.

But for this client we offered another alternative - a residence permit through the opening of his activity (firm in Ukraine). This gave him the opportunity to engage in any voluntary or religious activities of his choice, and stay in Ukraine as long as he needed. 

The advantages of this temporary residence permit in Ukraine:

  • Fast legalisation procedure;

  • No restrictions on the choice and implementation of entrepreneurial activity;

  • You do not depend on anyone;

  • The ability to work at the same time in different positions.

To determine what kind of residence permit you will be able to get in Ukraine, you must first decide what exactly will give you this type of residence permit, and whether it suits you best.

Migration services in Ukraine - our specialty. We have been helping foreigners for over 16 years.

If you would like to apply for a residence permit in Ukraine, please contact us.

You can find prices and more information here.

Views: 466
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