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How to start a security business in Ukraine to a foreigner?

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Our company has been helping to obtain licenses for security activities for many years. Sometimes, to save time and possible profits, we are asked to prepare the start of the security business "turnkey".

A frequent issue that unites our practice of working with foreigners and specialization in licensing and supporting business is: "Can a foreigner start a security business in Ukraine?". And of course, what will it take and how much the security business in Ukraine can cost.

Today we will answer these questions and give You all the necessary information about starting Your business in Ukraine.

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Can I open a security business as a foreigner in Ukraine without a personal presence?

The answer is yes. All You need is a qualified English-speaking lawyer who will guide You through the whole process flawlessly.

Commonly, the process of starting the security business in Ukraine consists of such stages:

1. Creation of the firm. Since the firm will be established for You as a foreigner, the registration of an LLC itself will include some additional steps. 

This first procedure will help you to officially obtain a work permit in Ukraine and further easily obtain a security license and develop your business.

So, to register an LLC in Ukraine, our lawyers will perform such steps:

  • register an LLC with a nominal CEO (as a foreigner, You need a work permit to be a CEO);
  • obtain an identification tax number for foreigner;
  • receive a work permit for You with the LLC as Your employer;
  • obtaining Visa D on the work permit basis for You;
  • changing of the nominal CEO by You replacing him on that position.

This stage will leave You with the ready-to-go firm and legal residence permit to stay in Ukraine. 

The next step is to obtain licensing documents to start Your security business. More about the LLC registration process You can read in our other articles.

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Obtaining security license

Typically, the procedure for obtaining a security license, if all documents are on hands and a specialist in security is present, takes only 10 days. Who is a security specialist? 

The matter is that license requirements require the presence of a security specialist in the staff of the company, who should have a certain work experience, knowledge and skills.

We offer various ways of the security license obtainment:

  • The Client chooses a specialist in the organization of security activities and receives the certificates provided for him/her. After that we proceed to obtaining a license.
  • As part of the preliminary consultation, the Client provides us with copies of documents of potential candidates for a specialist in security organization. We provide recommendations as to whether a particular candidate is suitable. If suitable, we continue cooperation with the Client already after obtaining a license.
  • We provide our security specialist. In this case, the Client only needs to provide his/her USREOU code (of the registered LLC) and ID number and a copy of the director's passport.

We help to fill all the required documents and submit them to the authority.

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The full cost of company registration and obtaining a security license can be gathered from our experts, as well as the cost of any of the individual stages of registration.

If You want to start Your business in Ukraine - call us!

Views: 1385
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