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I want to buy an office in Kyiv: how do I do that?

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Buying your own office space is a reliable investment in Ukraine. To do this, if the purchase will be made by an individual, you need:

  • Get a TIN (terms 1-3 days with the help of a lawyer);

  • Open an account in a Ukrainian bank.

The purchase process itself will take place at the notary. It is to him that you will need to bring the TIN, a certificate of opening an account, as well as provide your foreign passport and its copy with a notarized translation.

Money for the purchase of an office must be transferred through a bank. First, the money is transferred to your Ukrainian account, after which they must be transferred from this account to the seller's account. This is necessary for the safe sale of the office, if in a few years you decide to sell this property in Ukraine. You will have to confirm the method of depositing money into Ukraine.

In this case, the buyer usually pays 1% of the contract amount as a state fee and another 1% to the Pension Fund.

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Don't buy an office blindly - check it before you buy it

An office check should consist of several types of inspections.

The first is to check the office itself.

  • Is it owned by the seller? Does he or she have any documents to prove it?

  • Is it under pledge or arrest? Is it the subject of a legal dispute?

  • Check the technical passport of the office - is the layout different from what you see?

  • Does the office have light, water, heat and other utilities?

If you decide to buy a room in a new, newly constructed building, be sure to check:

  • The reputation and history of the builder, the lack of his involvement in litigation, etc;

  • Documents for construction land;

  • Construction permits.

This will help to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Be sure to check the seller of commercial real estate.

  • He must have the right to dispose of the property - to sell you the office.

  • If the seller and the owner are different persons, you need to make sure that the owner's desire to sell the office space is real;

  • It turns out that there are several owners? Permission to sell the office must be from all - necessarily notarized.

  • The seller should not be listed in court registers, registers of debtors, etc.

  • It is always worth checking his reputation and history.

And in the end, you need to make sure that the contract for the sale of the office is legal and correct.

Please note: Offices in Kyiv can be different. For example, many offices are located directly in residential apartment buildings. If this is the situation, it is extremely important to make sure firstly that it is a non-residential premise, and secondly that your type of business in Ukraine does not require any special premises.

Usually the check of such data is part of the pre-sale inspection of the commercial property, which we offer our clients.

If you want to get an office in Kyiv safely, and most importantly simply - contact us. We will take upon ourselves the organization of the whole process, including the work with realtors. And we will take care that your interests and money will be protected.

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Views: 591
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