What we do

  • Analyze the system of personnel records in the client's company, the state of documentation;

  • We will propose our own variant of the organization of personnel accounting system, based on the law, our experience, and the number of employees in the company;

  • We will develop drafts of documents necessary for keeping personnel records in the company;

  • We will undertake the payment of salaries and other payments of employees, calculation and payment of taxes in the presence of employees;

  • We will take over the organization of employee onboarding and termination of employment, as well as the registration of vacations, sick leave, etc;

  • If necessary, we will take over, together with human resources and accounting of the company.

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Payroll outsourcing in Ukraine

Many people believe that personnel records can be handled by an accountant, if there is one in the company, but this is not so.

The fact is that the correct maintenance of personnel records implies tasks much broader than the calculation of wages and taxes from it. In addition to constant monitoring of legislation for possible changes, even the standard tasks of the personnel department provide:

  • Understanding the entire procedure for hiring and firing employees;

  • Knowing how to draft legally correct employment contracts for each individual employee;

  • Knowing how to fill out employment records, etc.

And, if we are talking about a company with foreign employees, it is necessary to understand how exactly to employ a foreigner, not to lose the work permit and what to do with such an employee further.

And this is not mentioning such things as business trips, sick leave, transfers of employees to other positions, half-time work and dozens of other nuances.

That is why in our company a person, responsible for payroll, is not just one accountant or an HR manager, but a team, which also includes an experienced lawyer.


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    Full service

    Payroll is only part of the company's system, which must be configured and work perfectly. We help not only build HR records in the company, but also take full responsibility for the legal and accounting protection of your business.
  • plus

    Tax consulting

    We are a team of lawyers, each of whom specializes in different areas of law. This allows us to give our clients the best service, and most importantly, answers to any questions they have. Tax, corporate, labor and even migration consulting will be available to you at any convenient time.


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Payroll services in Ukraine

The reason for hiring a company for Payroll services outsourcing is very simple. You need at least one person who is familiar with the process and will be in charge of it to handle your company's personnel records. Then there's an accountant who will be paired with him or her. And then there's a lawyer who will be responsible for making sure the documentation is up-to-date. And a project manager who will make sure it all works properly.

That is - a whole department of employees who need to be paid a salary. And the saddest thing is that it is not a fact that you will get 100% effective results.

Or you can simply put all these worries on the shoulders of specialists who know exactly what they are doing.


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Important to know

How do we do this

We will start with a consultation to determine in a basic way how personnel accounting is done in the company at that moment, who is responsible for it and how the process is organized.

For a more in-depth analysis and subsequent construction of the accounting system, we will need to:

  • Examine what documentation the company already has, including the articles of incorporation;

  • Determine whether the company has the right director;

  • Determine what aspects are needed to organize the process: employment contracts, staffing tables, etc.;

  • Get all employees legally employed.

Our specialists will then be responsible for legalizing any changes in your workforce.

Do you need help with your company's payroll organization? Our team is the answer provider to your legal questions at the best cost.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner