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How to the certify the documents when opening a representative office?

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During the activity of a foreigner in Ukraine it is often necessary to certify any documents. Whether it is the signing of a notary power of attorney, an agreement to purchase an apartment in Ukraine or official documents of a foreign representative office - there are nuances everywhere that should be taken into account.

Today we will focus on such a common request:

  • How a foreigner can legalize documents of a foreign company when opening a representative office in Ukraine?

This is an important step in the procedure of registration of a foreign representative office in Ukraine, which means it is necessary to remember about it.

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What documents are required to register a representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine?

  • application for the representative office registration;
  • proof of incorporation of a foreign company in the country of its location;
  • account opening certificate;
  • special power of attorney to the head of representative office (it is a specific document that specifies all the powers and responsibilities of the director of the representation).

Each of these documents shall be notarized and legalized in a certain manner. It will be possible to go through legalization in a consular office, although there may be other options, if provided for in the contract. 

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How documents of foreign representative in Ukraine are legalized?

Why do you even need to legalise documents? As a matter of fact, such process as legalization basically confirms that before registrars there is a document which has the official original. Also legalization confirms that on the document there are originals of signatures, seals, etc.

All it is necessary for documents which are planned to be used abroad.

There is, however, a more simplified option for countries- parties to the Hague Convention. Documents of foreign companies of these countries are legalized by apostille. 

Moreover, if Ukraine has mutual agreements with a certain country, such as with Poland or Hungary, there is no need to certify documents at all.

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So, depending on the country of location of the parent company, the documents for the foreign representation may be:

  • legalized;
  • apostilled;
  • notarized.

If you need help to understand the process of legalization of documents for foreign representation in Ukraine, or You want to order such registration "turnkey" - call us<.

Views: 1150
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