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How to get the temporary residence permit in Ukraine for a child?

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Moving to another country is hard enough even without the separation from Your loved ones. If You’ve made Your decision on moving to Ukraine, it is time to know more on how to take Your family with You.

You can find lots of information about the residence permit (TRP) for the adults. But what to do when it comes to kids? Are there any differences?

The most common questions we here in our work:

  • Are there any peculiarities of the procedure for obtaining a TRP for children?
  • What documents do I need to obtain a TRP for a child?

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How does the procedure of obtaining the residence permit for a child in Ukraine work in 2019?

This permit is the only document that certifies the identity of the person and confirms that he or she is staying in Ukraine legally. 

In the past, children data had to be included in an old format document that belonged to their parents.

From June 1, 2018, the process of production and issuance of a residence permit in an electronic contactless form (ID-card) started. 

The procedure has undergone a number of changes, according to which this document has the form of a plastic card and is mandatory for both parents and their children to have. 

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What documents are required for obtaining a residence permit for a child?

To launch the mechanism for obtaining a TRP for foreign minors lawfully staying in Ukraine, You need to apply to the Migration Service with such documents:

  • passport or other identification document (with notarized translation into Ukrainian) with D visa, unless otherwise provided by the current legislation;
  • a power of attorney or other paper certification of the legal representative identity and his or her relevant powers;
  • health insurance;
  • a document that confirms the blood relationship with the parents, if they are Ukrainian citizens of foreigners living in Ukraine on the basis of a TRP (for minors who have arrived to reunite with their families). Usually such document is a duly certified (legalization, apostille, etc.) birth certificate translated into Ukrainian;
  • document confirming education in a Ukrainian educational institution, as well as the period of such education (for foreign students);
  • other documents, which can be required depending on Your possible term of stay here.

Remember! If the childs’ age is 16 and up - he or she must submit the application in person while the foreign minors under 16 must be represented by their parents with the same application form.

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We will be glad to help You with any questions concerning the TRP obtainment process. If You want to get more information on the matter or order our services - contact us!

Views: 1986
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