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How to register a sole proprietorship for a foreigner in Ukraine?

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Registration of a sole proprietorship (FOP in Ukraine) is one of the ways to conduct business in Ukraine. It is often the best solution due to the fact that FOP is easier to organize and maintain accounting.

Today we will talk about how to register FOP for a foreigner in Ukraine.

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Procedure for registering a sole proprietorship in Ukraine for a foreigner

If you want to register FOP in Ukraine, the first place to apply is the state registrar at the place of residence. You should go there with a package of documents, which includes:

  • individual passport;
  • individual tax number (it must be received beforehand);
  • registration card for state FOP registration;
  • state fee receipt;
  • power of attorney.

As a result of registration, you receive an Extract from the state register, which confirms the registration process. Further information about the registration of FOP is transferred to the tax office and Pension Fund of Ukraine.

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What procedures will have to be performed in the tax office?

After registration with the state registrar, you should contact two bodies: the State Tax Inspectorate and the Pension Fund of Ukraine. There you will need to execute the following documents:

  • Certificate of registration with the State Tax Inspectorate bodies ( 4-ОПП);
  • Certificate of registration of the Unified Social Payment’s payer.

In order to complete the procedure of registration of an individual entrepreneur in Ukraine, it will be necessary to:

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Views: 1720
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