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Steps and cost of registration of a representative office in Ukraine

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If you are planning to expand the sales market of your goods or services and do it in Ukraine, one of the options is to register a representative office of your company already on the territory of Ukraine.

Of course, such a process poses a certain number of questions to you:

  • What is better - to open a representative office or to register a separate subsidiary in Ukraine?

  • What taxes will have to be paid in Ukraine?

  • How to transfer the staff, for example managers, from the main company to the new representative office?

  • How will the withdrawal of funds from the representative office to the parent company be handled in the future?

Our lawyers offer you comprehensive assistance in the service Registration of a foreign representation in Ukraine "turnkey", which means you do not have to look for answers to all these questions yourself. 

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How is the registration of a representative office in Ukraine?

The cost of registration of a representative office in Ukraine will be formed on the basis of what kind of legal services you will need. You can get a detailed consultation and try to carry out the whole procedure on your own, or you can order from us a complete registration of representation. 

If you order the service further, the cost of introductory consultation will be included in it. The price of registering a representative office is listed on our service page, or contact our specialists to form the cost and package of services.

We offer you full support in the process of registration of a representative office in Ukraine, which includes:

  • Consultation on how to start business in Ukraine - we will advise which option will be more beneficial for the Client;

  • Consultation on the nuances of operating a representative office in Ukraine;

  • Preparation of a draft decision of the parent company on the establishment of a representative office in Ukraine, as well as other documents required for registration of a representative office;

  • On your behalf will submit the documents for registration of a foreign representative office and will monitor their consideration;

  • Will give you the finished documents on the registration of the representative office;

  • Assistance with receipt of service cards for foreign employees of the representative office;

  • Assistance with employment of the Head of the representative office in Ukraine.

Do you need professional help with registration of your representative office in Ukraine? Just turn to us! We will help you not only to solve organizational issues at the registrar, but also with employment of foreign workers in the representative office or maintenance of accounting and personnel records for the first time.

Views: 992