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Help to amend charter of a charity (charitable organization)

What we do

  • We develop a personalized draft Charter during registration;

  • We make changes to the Charter in case of changes in the foundation's structure, address, etc.;

  • We advise clients on possible changes in advance;

  • We conduct the whole procedure of making changes ourselves.

Help to amend charter of a charitable organization
From 600 USD

 Develop a project charter for a charitable organization in Ukraine

Let's start with the fact that for our clients, for whom we register charitable foundations in Ukraine, we ourselves draft the Articles of Association. This minimizes the risks that over time it will have to make some changes, and therefore waste your time. Such changes will only be forced, for example, in case of change of address, change of participants or some structural changes in the company.

Please never use a template Charter when registering a charitable organization. You risk getting a completely ineffective document that you will be obliged to be guided by in your activities. We have already seen examples when the Articles of Association downloaded from the Internet dictated to a charitable foundation the creation of a governing body, which the foundation had no plans to create. And it was quite difficult to get out of the situation.

Working with the project Charter, we will offer you a certain structure of the Foundation's bodies that meets your interests, spell out the procedure for receiving and distributing funds and other vital aspects for your organization.


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    Short deadlines

    Despite the sometimes unstable modes of operation of government agencies, we carry out the necessary changes in the shortest possible time. If speed is an important aspect for you.
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    Any changes

    Our team includes specialists from a wide range of fields, which allows us to approach your task from the right angle. You will receive comprehensive advice and effective planning with the thought of the safety of your activities in Ukraine.


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How to amend the charter of a charity organization in Ukraine?

The most common reasons for making changes are as follows:

  • Withdrawal of the Participant from the Fund;

  • Change of the place of registration of the Fund;

  • Change of the Head of the Fund;

  • Change of the Fund's name, etc.

The list of documents will vary depending on what changes you plan to make. But usually it is the Minutes of the general meeting of the fund's participants, a template of which we will provide you with. Plus documents that confirm the changes that have taken place. We will also prepare, if necessary, the meeting itself, if you are only planning to hold it. We will advise you on the best way to carry out the changes. 

After all, even such a simple decision as changing the name of a charity requires preparation. Not every word can be used as a name, and there are many restrictions.


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Important to know

Check if your Charter is in order

Over the past few years, there have been many changes in Ukrainian legislation, including those concerning the structure and activities of charitable organizations. This is not surprising, as the activities of such foundations today are more important for Ukraine than ever before.

The main points worth checking today in the charters of organizations that are already several years old are as follows:

  • Are the participants in the charitable foundation legitimate? There are not many requirements for them, but it is worth checking.

  • Is the structure of the charity's governing bodies up to date? Do these bodies have real powers and responsibilities? For example, if you expand the list of participants to more than 10, you will be obliged to have a Supervisory Board.

  • Do the provisions of the Articles of Association on non-profit activities of the foundation comply with the current regulations governing such activities. If not, you risk losing your non-profit status.

Of course, we not only carry out the changes you need at a particular time, but also analyze the Articles of Incorporation for their relevance. 

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Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner