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Registration of representative office of foreign NGO in Ukraine

What we do

  • Provide legal advices on all the issues of registration of NGO’s office in Ukraine;
  • Help to fill out application, other documents;
  • Draw up charter of the NGO (if necessary);
  • Provide drafts of power of attorney, other documents;
  • If requested, we pay the official fee in the name of our client and at his expense;
  • Provide other related legal services.
Register foreign NGO’s representative office
from 5000 USD

Foreign non-governmental organizations that want to conduct their activities in Ukraine and establish representative offices for such purposes have to know that affiliates of foreign NGOs are subject to registration in Ukraine.

In practice, the registration of affiliate of international non-governmental organization can be completed within 30 business days. However, the term does not include preparatory stage during which the client has to provide attorneys of our law firm with all the required documents and sign them.

  • Registration of subsidiary (representative office) of foreign NGO in Ukraine is regulated by the law of Ukraine “On non-governmental organizations”. According to the law, the registration procedure is called accreditation. 
  • There is an official fee for registration. Some NGOs may be exempted from payment of the fee if such exemption is provided by international treaties of Ukraine that have been approved by the Parliament.
  •  The law requires the controlling authority to make the decision in regard to registration of subsidiary or denial of such within 20 business days, however, in practice this term is rarely complied with by the authorities and the process usually takes additional 10 business days.


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Required Documents

  • Copy of charter of foreign NGO
  • Copy of NGO’s registration certificate
  • Power of attorney for the head of Ukrainian affiliate

Required documents:

  • Filled out standard application form;
  • Copy of NGO’s registration certificate that has to be issued by the authorized body in country of its registration;
  • Copy of charter of foreign NGO;
  • Text of the official decision made by the authorized body of the foreign NGO on formation of affiliate in Ukraine and appointment of its head;
  • Two copies of charter of Ukrainian office if such charter is provided by the decision of foreign NGO;
  • Power of attorney for the head of Ukrainian affiliate (rep.office) that has to be formalized in accordance with the legislation of the country of its issuance;
  • Originals of receipts proving payment of the official state fee for registration of representative office of foreign NGO in Ukraine. 

Documents marked with * have to be translated into Ukrainian and undergo procedure of legalization/ certification by means of apostille.


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President A. Netrebchuk, Ukrainian squash federation

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Important to know

Unless the registration body finds reasons for denial, it is supposed to:

  • Make the decision about registration (accreditation) of affiliate of foreign NGO;
  • Submit information about the registered affiliate to the state Register of non-governmental organizations;
  • Issues registration certificate.

Provision of legal services to non-profit organizations is one of our major specializations. Through many years of legal practice our lawyers have obtained significant level of expertise in this field. Therefore, we are capable of providing legal services that will not only help you to meet all the requirements of Ukrainian legislation in force but also to reach all the goals that are set by your organizations.

Upon completion of the registration, our law firm can provide full legal support of activities of registered affiliate in Kyiv. 

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Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner