Due diligence in Ukraine

What we do

  • We analyze the apartment, house or other real estate that the client is interested in for existing risks, we give our assessment of the reliability of the investment;

  • We check the real estate in all the available registers and sources;

  • We check both the property itself and the builder, if it is a primary market purchase;

  • If necessary, we provide further support for the real estate transaction: we check the property transfer agreement, arrange and accompany the transaction to the notary, etc.

Due diligence Ukraine
from 900 USD

The cost of a real estate inspection depends on several factors:

1. What is the exact amount of work you need? So, we offer an in-depth examination of the property, or we can check it only on points of interest to the client. Also, it can be a one-step inspection or ongoing monitoring, say, during the construction of a house.

2. What kind of real estate are you going to buy? The cost of the inspection will be different for example for an apartment, house or plot of land.

3. Will you need further assistance with the transaction itself? In such cases we offer a standard package which already includes the due diligence in Ukraine.

The full cost of the property inspection will be given to you by our specialist after we have looked into the intricacies of your situation.

We will base it on your goals and how best to achieve them. Real estate investment in Ukraine can be a perfect choice for you, just think properly about your safety beforehand. We will take care of the safety of your investments.


Our lawyers will advise you!

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Required documents

  • Information about the property
  • Description of the transaction/situation and desired outcome


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Important to know

What to expect when checking the property before buying in Ukraine?

First of all we will answer the question: Do you need such a check if you decide to buy property in Ukraine?

According to our vast experience - yes, it is necessary.


We have more than once encountered a situation where an absolutely reliable builder has been involved in litigation, or the land on which the building is located did not have the necessary intended use. Moreover, the builder may not have a construction license or the residential building may have been built in violation of established building codes. 

The same pitfalls are in the secondary housing market. Buying land in Ukraine is a painful issue for a foreigner.

Without a clear understanding of the country's laws, its foundations, and how it all works in practice, you risk losing your money - and when buying real estate, it is a huge amount. So yes, you need to properly check the residential building, land or office before investing your money in it.


Is it safe to invest in new buildings in Ukraine?
Depends on the builder, first and foremost. During the inspection process, we check not only the history of the builder himself, but also the companies associated with him.
How long does it take to buy real estate?
We can do an object inspection in 1-2 days, the deal itself can be prepared in a couple of hours. Of course, everything will depend on the complexity of the transaction and the property itself.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner


What can you expect when ordering a preliminary inspection of the property?

When you contact a professional lawyer for a real estate inspection, you can count on these types of inspections:

  • Basic open channel check.

  • Checking the history of the developer and related companies.

  • Checking the land.

  • Analysis of building permits including license when buying an apartment in a new building.

  • Analysis of the contract for the purchase of real estate.

Our firm will provide you with a full property inspection with our legal opinion. We can also immediately advise you on reliable developers, if you order a preliminary consultation with us.

Want to buy property in Ukraine safely? Please contact us!