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Spousal support (alimony) matters

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  • Initial consultation and analysis of the client's situation;
  • Consideration of the situation from the point of view of law and practice, search for the best way to solve the client's problem;
  • Drafting a lawsuit, response to the lawsuit and other documents;
  • Collection of evidence and building a strategy;
  • Conducting negotiations with the second party;
  • If it is possible - support the conclusion of a contract between the parties;
  • Protecting your interests in court;
  • Support of the process of execution of the court decision.
Spousal support (alimony) matters
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Alimony lawyer consultation in Ukraine

The law of Ukraine provides for the possibility of receiving alimony not only for children after the divorce of a married couple, but, if there are grounds, also for the wife or husband. The first condition, however obvious it may seem, is the fact of dissolution of marriage. In order to receive alimony, you must be officially divorced.

This does not mean that those in common-law marriages are not entitled to alimony. Of course not. But the existence of a common-law marriage would have to be proven.

Next, the person who expects to receive alimony must meet the conditions - all of which are specified in the law. A standard situation is the retirement age of one of the spouses, or, for example, not being able to work for another reason. The family lawyer's first task will be to assess your chances of receiving alimony and whether you meet the requirements. We will look at the whole situation, understanding not only your chances, but also what alternative ways we have of accomplishing your goals.

Also, we will help determine the amount of alimony you can expect to receive. The law does not specify the minimum possible amounts, but when calculating the maximum possible, all existing factors will be taken into account.

This preliminary analytical work will allow us to thoroughly review the case and move on to strategizing for your defense.


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    Our team includes lawyers not only in family law, but also in other areas of law. Which will be very useful both in divorce and in awarding alimony.
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    Before you take any action at all, you must understand your chances of success. This will be our first priority. Having analyzed both the situation itself, the documents available and the current norms of the law, we will tell you directly whether it is worth getting involved in litigation.


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Legal services on alimony in Ukraine

An important detail in assessing the chances of receiving alimony is whether there are grounds to deny such alimony. Remember, there are many reasons that the court can take note of and deny alimony.

The simplest examples might be the shortness of the marriage or an illness or medical condition hidden before the marriage. Or it can be the reverse - the person in need of assistance for a medical condition has recovered. His or her condition improves to a level that no longer requires support - and alimony is no longer actually needed.

In addition to possible reasons to deny you alimony, which the court will certainly check, and the lawyer of the second party - will try to find, it is important to remember that the court will take into account the very possibility of paying you this alimony.

If your ex-husband or wife already has a child from a previous marriage, or, say, another person to support, this does not mean that he should not pay alimony to you. But the court will check the financial situation of both yours and the second partner.


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Important to know

Laws on alimony in Ukraine

The court process itself, after the lawsuit is drafted and filed, will consist of simple steps. During the court hearing, the court will necessarily check the financial situation of both parties and decide on the amount of alimony.

When these basic issues are resolved, it will also be necessary to establish the order of payment of alimony. It will all depend on the specifics of your case - it could be a one-time payment, or with a set periodicity. Perhaps the medical condition that requires alimony requires treatment with a specific timeframe? Then alimony can be paid until the established health improvement, etc. All of these issues are established, stipulated and fixed.

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Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner