Child support

What we do

  • We will conduct an introductory consultation to help you understand the process as a whole;
  • Review the documentation you have;
  • Analyze your situation and calculate your chances;
  • Help you determine a strategy and possible alimony amount in advance;
  • We will help you draft a lawsuit;
  • We will help to prepare the evidentiary base;
  • Protect your rights and interests in court;
  • If necessary - we will participate in negotiations with the other party and its attorneys;
  • If possible - we will help with the conclusion of the contract, without the participation of the court.
Child support
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Child support lawyer in Ukraine

Divorce is an unpleasant process in itself, accompanied by stress and the risks of disputes. Even if it's a mutual decision - in any case, it's a critical change in your way of life, a new chapter for you.

Of course, you will need all the support you can get. And we're not just talking about moral support, but legal support as well. If you have a person by your side who can immediately resolve all your doubts in the legal field, you will know exactly how to solve the situation amicably, and legally safe.

And, if the task is acomplexed with the children, the question of alimony, or the situation itself - you can not do without the services of a family lawyer. Allow yourself to shift at least this part of the burden from your shoulders.

Starting the process regarding alimony, the first question a lawyer must find an answer to, is whether you have a chance of getting that alimony. What are those chances? Exactly how much alimony can you expect to receive?

The answers to these questions will give you an understanding of whether it is worth getting involved in this process as is.

The next step is to decide how exactly you will negotiate child support:

  • Together and amicably, that is, through the signing of a notarial agreement;

  • Through the court, if you cannot reach a consensus on your own.

We can help in both cases.


  • plus

    More than a family lawyer

    Our team consists of specialists of the most important profile. It would seem, why do you need a real estate lawyer or a corporate lawyer in a case involving alimony and divorce? But they are exactly what you will need if the situation involves a shared business or real estate.
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    Any jurisdiction

    Today there are frequent situations when the ex-husband and wife are in different jurisdictions, and the question is whether it is possible to obtain alimony and how. We will provide you with the necessary legal advice and, most importantly, practical aid.


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Legal child support in Ukraine

The key to success is thorough preparation. It may take longer than you think, but it is the preparation that determines the success of the case. And it is important to be extremely methodical here. If you are in the midst of a divorce or thinking about one, we can start with an alimony consultation. At such a consultation, we will tell you how to start preparing for the process now. This could be collecting receipts, recording conversations with your ex-partner regarding child support, and more. All of these things will later become the main evidence base.

Moreover, if you start this process in advance, you can also take care that your ex-husband or wife does not "suddenly" lose their existing salary, business or real estate.

Remember, a claim for alimony can be filed even if you divorced a long time ago, and before that the claim was not filed. Of course, if your child has not yet reached the age of 23.

If an amicable agreement is not possible, the case will be considered by the court. The court will not only consider your claim, but also check the financial condition of both former partners, and will make an important decision - the amount and order of payment of alimony. Having analyzed the situation in advance, we will also help determine the expected amount that we will insist on. This variable depends directly on the defendant's financial situation, the number of children and persons he or she must care for, and other factors.


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Important to know

Levers of pressure on the alimony payer

A child support can be not only a help to you in raising your children, but also a kind of leverage if your ex-partner does not fulfill his or her obligations.

Even before the war, people who did not pay child support, felt the effects of getting in the register of debtors. This is a ban on traveling abroad and many other troubles. Not to mention that this is an ace up your sleeve if you want to fight for sole custody of your child. We've had cases like this.

There is another possibility - to get the unpaid child support that you are entitled to, in the form of real estate or some other form. Unfortunately, though, you will have to endure more than one trial to do so.

But most importantly, we will help you get what you can count on. Do you need the help of a child support lawyer? Contact us!


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner