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Type D Visa in Ukraine: how to obtain and what to do if it’s expired?

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If you are interested in coming and staying in Ukraine, You know what a Visa D is. In fact, it is a document that allows a foreigner to stay in Ukraine for 90 days, which in turn, gives enough time for registration of residence permit.

Unfortunately, in our practice we have often seen cases when foreigners miscalculated their time and opportunities and faced a situation such as an expired Visa D. What to do in such a situation? Is it possible to extend Visa D and how to do it?

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What to do If Your Visa D has ended?

It is important to remember that Visa D can be obtained several times. But every time you apply for a new visa, you must consider whether the circumstances in which a visa may be denied have changed.

For example, Your passport may have expired or You may have been issued a new passport. Or Your insurance policy may have expired.

One of our Clients, an employee of a foreign company, missed the deadline when he had to go to Ukraine. We studied his case and explained that he will be able to get new Visa and come to Ukraine again only after the new insurance is issued. We were able to help with the registration of insurance and other documents, and the Client got a new visa D.

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What to do If the Visa is still valid?

Even if the Visa is still valid, do not assume that the residence permit can be easily processed a day or two before departure. Remember, in order to obtain a residence permit, you must submit the package of documents no later than 15 days before the end of the visa D. Otherwise the whole process will have to start from the beginning.

If you realize that you're critically short of time, you have two options:

  • leave Ukraine and get a new visa;
  • try to prolongate Your stay.

Of course, not to go anywhere - looks more comfortable, but, unfortunately, not always possible. In order for the prolongation of the stay to be justified and not to lead to sanctions, it must be confirmed with specific documents. Moreover, there must be a reason why a foreigner could not leave Ukraine in time.

For example, one of our Clients, the founder of a Ukrainian company, did not have time to collect all the documents in time and asked us for help in extending his stay. We helped him to prove that he was on business trips for a whole month and had good reasons that prevented him from submitting documents on time. This enabled the Client to extend his stay in Ukraine for 1 more month.

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Is Visa D always necessary?

There is a list of countries for whose citizens D visas are not required. But the term of their stay on the territory of Ukraine also should not exceed 90 days. What should they do if they missed the time of leaving Ukraine?

If you have used the whole term or even exceeded it, you will have to leave the territory of Ukraine and not to come back within 90 days. After 3 months, you will have the opportunity to visit again and stay for the next 90 days.

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What sanctions are foreseen for exceeding the term of stay in Ukraine?

Firstly, there is a fine for exceeding the term of stay in Ukraine. 

Moreover, if such a fine is not paid while leaving Ukraine, You will not be allowed to go back.

We can help you with obtaining different types of visas, residence permit and work permit in Ukraine. If you want to ensure your stay in Ukraine - call us!

Views: 2622
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