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Open a construction company in Ukraine and get foreign workers for tender works

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Last year we had the experience of bringing a foreign construction company to the Ukrainian market after it had won a tender to build a facility in Ukraine.

Our client wanted to organize its activities in Ukraine quickly and with all the permits to be able to fulfill the terms of the tender. For that he needed a construction license. In addition, the client planned to bring his proven employees - builders - to Ukraine. And so it was necessary to provide them with such an opportunity.

He had to decide what was more profitable: to work through a representative office, or to open a Ukrainian company. And what to do with employees: to issue them only work permits and have a limited time for each employee to stay in Ukraine, or a residence permit on its basis?

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What form of business to choose?

Since it was a construction business, a tender and a certain tax policy, which was the Client's inclination, we conducted
registration of a Ukrainian company, in which a foreign construction company was 100% owner.

It was easier for Ukrainian company to get all necessary permits: 

  • Declaration of Gostruda;

  • Declaration of the beginning of construction work;

  • Permit to perform construction work;

  • Construction license.

Having registered the company, in order not to drag out the time, we started working in parallel with obtaining these permits for all the foreign personnel that our client needed to fulfill the tender in Ukraine.

Since it was a licensing activity (construction), all personnel had to undergo additional training in Ukraine, which we helped arrange.

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How to deal with permits for employees?

Deciding what types of permits to apply for employees is very simple - you need to clearly understand how long you need an employee to stay in Ukraine. 

The fact is that issuing a Work Permit gives him the official right to work in Ukraine and receive a salary for this, but such an employee will be able to stay in the country for a very limited amount of time - usually up to 90 days. This option is suitable if your employees will work in shifts and can come every month after a month or 90 days after 90 days.

If the expected duration of stay of the employee is more than 90 days, on the basis of a work permit it is better to issue a residence permit. Especially since the Work Permit provides such an opportunity.

The package of documents for each employee is submitted to the Migration Service for review - it lasts on average about 15 working days.

At the same time our specialists organize the process for each employee, including the time of the meeting at the Ukrainian Migration Service. 

If you want to start your own business in Ukraine and want to understand how to do it with minimal costs and risks - contact us. We will find the best option and help to make it come true.

Views: 1160
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