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How to buy a company in Ukraine? What to consider when buying?

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Buying a ready-made company in Ukraine can be not only an opportunity to get a business in Ukraine faster, but sometimes even a necessity.

Let us imagine that having the opportunity to develop your business in Ukraine, you have decided not just to start from scratch, but to take part in an auction or a profitable tender. In this case you are confident in your capabilities and offer, but you do not have a firm that would meet all the requirements for a bidder - for example, the company is very new, without "history", or does not have the status of the VAT payer.

Registration of a company in Ukraine with obtaining VAT is a rather lengthy process, it is suitable if you are not pressed for time and there are several months before a tender or an auction.

If you want to get a company now, the obvious option would be to buy it. But here too, there can be a hitch:

  • It is dangerous to buy a company from an unverified seller, because it may already be on the register of debtors, which you may not know about at once;

  • It is necessary not only to choose a safe firm to buy, but also to monitor the re-registration of the company. Many sellers ask for such services for additional amounts or are not ready to undertake such a procedure professionally. Especially with the re-registration of the company to the new owner who is a foreigner.

To avoid such problems, we offer our customers to buy a company from us. 

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Why choose us?

  • We register all companies for sale ourselves. This means that the registration of each company is carried out clearly in accordance with the norms of the law, and the documents on the LLC are kept in our company.

  • Our companies have the necessary "history" of registration - companies more than six months, that is, they can take part in various kinds of tenders or tenders for the period of validity. At the same time from the moment of registration of companies there is no activity on them.

  • We do not just offer you to take the selected company from us, but we ourselves carry out the procedure of re-registration of the company to the new owners. If necessary, our lawyers can carry out the re-registration of the company in 1 day.

For information about available firms, contact our specialists.

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If you have already found a suitable ready-made business, but are not sure about its reliability, we can still find the best solution for you, for example:

  • Conduct a preliminary security check of the purchase of the company from another seller - so, whichever company you choose, you will be confident in the reliability of the transaction;

  • Offer an accelerated option for registering a new company in the time that you need, because many sellers are not willing to include the cost of the company to re-register it or do it unprofessionally.

Want to buy a company in Ukraine for your business? Call us! We will offer you ready-made companies with a clean history to choose from, including those with the license you need.

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Views: 997
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