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How to open a restaurant in Ukraine as a startup?

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Recently, business immigration to Ukraine has become increasingly popular. And there are several reasons for that:

  • the tax burden is lower than in many European countries;
  • geographical location gives a good opportunity to develop logistics; 
  • it will be cheaper to start your own business in Ukraine;
  • living in Ukraine will be comfortable in various aspects: it is a wonderful country with rich nature and friendly people. 

One of the great ideas for starting a business in Ukraine can be opening a food facility of any category. Today we will tell you what you need to consider when opening your own restaurant in Ukraine.

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Choose Your food facility type 

According to Ukrainian laws, You can choose from:

  • Large-scale catering establishments;
  • Stockpiling factories;
  • Cafes;
  • Canteens;
  • Quick service restaurants;
  • Snack bars;
  • Ready-cooked food stores;
  • Cafeterias;
  • Restaurants and bars (divided into classes: first, premium, luxury).

Each kind of establishment have specific requirements for its type (for example, needed equipment or number of rooms) and basic requirements that all food facilities must consider:

  • water supply;
  • electricity; 
  • telephone; 
  • ventilation, etc.

Even such things as the building of the restaurant is extremely important. For example, if You want to open a restaurant or cafe in residential building, You must remember about restrictions on the noise levels.

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Capacity Registration 

Such a permit is required for any institution that is involved in food operations.

It is also called an "operational permit" and is obtained by the State Authority of the State Service for Consumer Protection and Welfare.

Provide restaurant business Security

Security of your restaurant business includes:

  • installation a fire and security alarm systems;
  • obtainment of the declaration from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. 

Another important thing is the initial layout of the premises. It will be the first thing checked in the process of government check.

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Employment relations

During this phase You need to: 

  • handle formalities related to staff employment;
  • take care of health permits and medical examinations. 

As the main work in the institution is food-related, a large number of staff must undergo additional medical examinations. For example, kitchen managers, waiters and even cleaning staff.

Alcohol and Tobacco retail licenses obtainment

The preliminary stage will be the registration of the cash register in the tax office. After that, you can proceed to registration of licenses.

Getting a license, even if you only get a license for alcohol trade, is a long and complicated process, which includes preparation of documentation, communication with government agencies, registration of the license with the tax authority of the country, etc.

Another thing to consider is the taxation of the alcohol trade. In practice, for such activities it will be necessary to switch to a general system of taxation.

It seems like a very long and hard process, but with the help of qualified lawyers, You can reduce the entire process by several times. We will be happy to help You or provide legal consultation on the whole process or any separate stage of the restaurant opening in Ukraine.

Views: 3359
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