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Frequently Asked Questions About NGO Registration and Work in Ukraine

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Our company has been helping in the registration of charitable and public organizations in Ukraine for more than 10 years. This year alone, we have registered more than 15 NGOs, 4 of which have remained with us for service - we keep their accounts and help organize work in Ukraine in its legal aspects.

Today we will very briefly answer the most frequent questions asked by foreigners about the registration of NGOs in Ukraine.

If you want to understand the possibility of registering your particular NGO, please contact our specialists.

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How can foreigners register an NGO in Ukraine?

Foreigners can establish an NGO in Ukraine by following a systematic registration process. This process involves preparing necessary documents and submitting them to the relevant authorities, typically the Ministry of Justice.

Can foreigners be founders or members of an NGO in Ukraine?

Yes, Ukraine welcomes foreign involvement in its NGOs. Foreigners can serve as founders, members, and even hold leadership positions in Ukrainian NGOs. There are no nationality-based restrictions.

What documents are required for NGO registration in Ukraine?

The documents needed for NGO registration typically include:

  • The organization's charter (statute).

  • A founding protocol, which outlines the initial decisions of the organization.

  • Personal identification documents of founders/members.

  • Proof of the legal address where the NGO will operate.

Is it necessary to have a Ukrainian citizen on the board of the NGO?

No, there's no requirement for a Ukrainian citizen to be on the board of an NGO in Ukraine. Foreigners can fully participate in organizational governance.

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What is the timeline for NGO registration in Ukraine?

The timeline for NGO registration can vary. Generally, it takes several weeks to a few months, depending on the workload of the registration authority and the completeness of the submitted documents.

Can foreign funding be received by Ukrainian NGOs?

Yes, Ukrainian NGOs can receive foreign funding, grants, and donations to support their activities. However, there are reporting and transparency requirements for foreign funding sources.

Are there any restrictions on the activities of foreign-funded NGOs?

While foreign-funded NGOs can engage in a range of activities, there are regulations and reporting obligations in place to ensure transparency and prevent certain forms of misuse or political interference.

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What are the tax implications for NGOs in Ukraine?

Ukrainian NGOs generally enjoy certain tax exemptions, but the specific benefits and obligations depend on the nature of the NGO's activities and its legal status. Tax benefits might apply to income generated from nonprofit activities. Read more

Can NGOs in Ukraine engage in political activities?

Ukrainian NGOs can engage in certain political activities, such as advocacy and lobbying, but there are limitations and regulations that define the extent and nature of such involvement. NGOs must abide by these rules to maintain their nonprofit status.

What are the reporting requirements for Ukrainian NGOs?

Ukrainian NGOs are required to submit annual financial and activity reports to the relevant authorities. Additionally, foreign-funded NGOs have additional reporting obligations to ensure transparency regarding their funding sources.

What are the different types of NGOs in Ukraine?

Ukraine recognizes several types of NGOs, including charitable organizations, associations, foundations, and public unions. Each type has its own set of regulations and characteristics.

Are there specific terms associated with NGO registration?

Yes, there are terms associated with the registration process. For instance, an NGO's charter must adhere to certain guidelines, and the organization must have at least two founding members.

Can NGOs in Ukraine operate nationwide?

Yes, NGOs registered in Ukraine have the ability to operate at the national level. They can establish branches and representative offices across the country to extend their reach.

Please note that regulations and processes might evolve over time. It's recommended to consult legal experts or relevant authorities for the most current and accurate information before initiating the NGO registration process in Ukraine.

Our company will provide you with a full range of services from registration of an organization to its accounting and legal support on an ongoing basis.

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Views: 1124