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Residence permit in Ukraine through employment

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Our firm provides legal services for obtaining residence permits on a variety of grounds for citizens of other countries. 

Not so long ago we were approached by a citizen of Turkey, who wanted to move to Ukraine and stay here for at least several years. Since the current Ukrainian legislation provides for a number of
grounds for temporary or permanent residence in our state, on which a foreigner could apply for a residence permit, the first step was counseling. 

Initial consultation - it is an opportunity not only to analyze the situation of the Client, but also to fully disclose the grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine, as well as to provide the Client with the opportunity to choose the best option.

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Getting a residence permit through employment in Ukraine

After considering the Client's situation, we came to the conclusion that the best option would be employment in Ukraine. This is also one of the most reliable ways of obtaining a residence permit, because it requires only the creation of a firm, which will be owned by the foreigner himself.

Once we had a clear guideline as to the grounds for acquiring the resident status, we began the process of preparing documents, which was divided into three main steps.

Step 1. Registration of LLC for a foreigner.
Usually we suggest registering a company from scratch, but as our Client's relative already owned a registered company in Ukraine, our lawyers made changes in the ownership structure and included the foreign citizen into the LLC shareholders.

Step 2: Submission of package of documents for work permit in Ukraine.
Our lawyers have organized medical examinations, translation of foreign documents, obtaining of the certificate of cleanliness and other necessary documents. After submission of all documents to the respective body, in two weeks the Client obtained a work permit, with which he travelled abroad to obtain a special visa, which will later become the basis for residence permit in Ukraine.

Step 3. Obtaining the residence permit. As soon as the Client came back with the necessary visa, our lawyers submitted a set of documents to the migration authorities and obtained the residence permit for Ukraine in the shortest time possible. We also helped to organize registration of the foreigner, which is an obligatory condition in the procedure of obtaining residence permit.

Want to move to Ukraine and get a residence permit? Write to us! We will not only help you choose the best option, but also bring it to life!

Views: 1588
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