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Open a representative office in Ukraine quickly and easily

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Registration of a representative office in Ukraine is an opportunity to conquer a new market, expand your business and give it a new round of development. 

Of course, since we are talking about conquering the market of a completely different country, we all understand the need to operate freely with the norms of law and commercial rules of such a country to successfully conduct business in it. To do this you will need the help of an experienced lawyer who will not only conduct registration and legalization of your business in Ukraine but will also help properly adjust the process of its operation within the local laws.

Our lawyers offer a range of services aimed at creating an operating business in Ukraine through "turnkey" registration of a representative office:

  • Carrying out registration activities for setting up a representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine;

  • Solving personnel issues: obtaining cards for foreign employees for their further work in the representative office of the company in Ukraine;

  • Tax consulting on profitable transfer of funds to the parent company and optimization of taxation of the representative office;

  • We also provide accounting services under the supervision of a lawyer, which will ensure that you have no problems with the tax authorities during your formation and development as a business entity in Ukraine;

  • We can provide You with a legal address and postal services for the registration of the representative office.

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How much does it cost to open a representative office in Ukraine?

The cost of registration of a representative office in Ukraine in our company will depend proportionally on the volume of services that you will need. Our cooperation can be limited to registration of a representative office or can be transformed into a reliable legal support with consulting of corporate clients.

You can find the cost of registering a representative office by following the link on our services page.

All negotiations with our lawyers can take place online, via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or any other way convenient for you. 

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How can a lawyer help in the process of registering a representative office in Ukraine?

In the process of entering the market of Ukraine and registration of a representative office one may encounter a variety of situations.  For example, when registering a representative office for a manufacturer of machinery, which wanted to transfer a foreign director from the head office to its office in Ukraine, we were faced with the fact that the tax authorities demanded an additional decision on the appointment of the director, although the only document, on the basis of which such director can work in Ukraine, is a special kind of power of attorney from the parent company.

Having worked in Ukraine for many years, we understood that there was no point in arguing here, but we were able to quickly prepare a document, which the tax authorities wanted. This solved the problem, and the process of registration and appointment of director of the representative office was successfully completed. 

Do you want to open a representative office or a branch in Ukraine? Please contact us! We will help you determine the most profitable way to open and develop your business in Ukraine, as well as help you carry out all the legal steps to start it.

Views: 1116
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