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Can a foreigner buy land in Ukraine? Land market news in Ukraine

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Many foreigners are considering buying real estate or land in Ukraine. And if the real estate case is more or less clear, then whether a foreigner in Ukraine can buy land is a difficult question. Nevertheless, land in Ukraine is one of the most promising assets.

For a long time there was a ban on the sale of land in Ukraine, but today there are active rumors about the opening of the land market, which should start in 2021. We will tell you whether foreigners will be able to buy land in the new land market of Ukraine and how the procedure will look like.

: How to buy a real estate in Ukraine?

What are the risks of buying real estate or land in Ukraine?

As a rule, the purchase of any property is not directly the future owner, but through an attorney, namely the realtor, who selects the necessary plot or house, and recommends a certain notary.

But if you do not have necessary acquaintances in Ukraine, do not know, whether it is possible to trust the realtor or the notary, there is a risk to conclude the transaction unprofitable for you. For example, it may turn out that the property is on bail or under arrest. You can avoid this situation by having the object of purchase legally checked in advance.

We always recommend to pay attention to the seller of the land plot, because the person can be already at the time of the transaction at the notary recognized as legally incompetent or wanted, under house arrest, or a ban on alienating property to another person.

It is also important to closely monitor the correctness of the transaction at the notary. For example, if at least one person is married, the consent of the second spouse is required - this applies to both the buyer and the seller.

Does a foreigner have the right to purchase a land plot in Ukraine?

The issue of a moratorium on the sale of agricultural land in Ukraine is still open and will be finally decided by referendum.

As of August 2020, before the referendum, foreigners have no right to own agricultural land. However, there are exceptions, for example: lands for horticulture can be used for rent by both foreign legal entities and individuals.

There are also frequent cases of sale of non-agricultural land, because according to the laws of Ukraine, foreigners without restrictions can acquire ownership of such land, if they:

  • is on the territory of the settlement;
  • is outside the settlement, but contains certain immovable property that is privately owned by the alien, such as a house, factory or workshop.

From July 2021 the land market in Ukraine begins to work. At the first stage of its implementation, it will be possible to buy land only by individuals. Regarding the right of foreigners to buy land, the final decision will be made by referendum.

If you are considering buying land in Ukraine, or, for example, starting with buying real estate - contact us. We will help you with the preliminary inspection of the property and advise you on the process of buying.

Views: 5383
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