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Obtainment of license for private security firm in Ukraine

What we do

  • Analyze your level of preparation;
  • Check the security specialist's documents, since they will be the ones with the most questions;
  • Check information about the premises and equipment that you plan to use;
  • We will offer the services of our security director;
  • We will prepare and submit documents to the licensing authority;
  • Advise you on further actions after obtaining a license - how not to lose it;
  • Help you complete the procedure for obtaining a license;
  • If desired, we will offer a company with a ready-made license to speed up the process;
  • If necessary, we will help with registration of company cars and other equipment.
Obtainment of license for private security firm
from 800 USD

Security company license in Ukraine

Both an individual entrepreneur and a legal entity can open a security firm. In the first case, this person must himself have a certain amount of experience in order to act as a security specialist, in the second, you can hire a suitable person.

The licensing authority will scrutinize several aspects of your preparation. To summarize, they can be divided into the following groups:

1. Everything that concerns the security director - his documents, experience and compliance with the requirements for the position;

2. Everything regarding personnel - you will have to provide information in advance about the security guards of your company and their psychological and physical condition;

3. Everything related to your equipment and location. Usually, this is information about the cars, their appearance, and the tools that the guards will be armed with.

The price of our services for you will depend directly on what specific set of services you need - whether you need help with medical certificates, whether you have a director in mind, etc. We will determine the cost before the work begins and will not change it for the specified amount of work.


  • plus

    Our own director

    One of the mandatory requirements for registering a security agency and obtaining a license is that you have a director with special work experience. If you don’t have such a person, but want to go through the licensing process, we will offer our candidacy for a while.
  • plus

    Creating a private security business

    We can help you create a business from scratch. From registration of a company, to obtaining a license and even certificates to carry weapons for security guards.


Our lawyers will advise you!

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Private security licensing in Ukraine

When preparing to open a private security agency, we advise you to think not only about the documents for obtaining a license, but also about the company’s charter documents, because this will be the main guide to action when managing your business. So, for example, when you are working on the company's Articles of Association, it is worth specifying the appropriate type of activity, and thinking about what responsibilities and powers you want to give to your director.

As for personnel, and this is important to consider, security guards must be prepared for the job. And given the nature of the activity, be healthy not only physically, but also mentally. It is strictly prohibited to employ persons susceptible to drug addiction. These factors will be confirmed by a number of certificates that will need to be provided for each team member.

When it comes to security guard equipment, everything will depend on what type of security services you plan to provide. After all, the list of such equipment may include body armor, rubber batons, and even stun guns. But for certain types of security services all this will be superfluous. We will help you decide on this issue during a consultation.


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Important to know

How to obtain security license in Ukraine?

With us it's very simple. You just need to provide the information you have and leave the main work to us.

Remember that security companies are checked by the Ministry of Internal Affairs later in their work; if necessary, we can help with passing these checks.

In fact, we also have several ready-made companies with an already obtained license for those who want to get a ready-made business right away, and all of these companies have passed such verification without problems.

The license issued to you will be valid throughout Ukraine and will not have an expiration date. But please note that if at some point you want to change your address or fire one director and hire another, you will need to notify the licensing authority about these things and enter new information into the licensing data.

In addition to services related to obtaining a license, thanks to more than 15 years of experience working with such clients, we can help you with other legal problems that arise at the start of work. For example, to draw up draft contracts for you with future Clients or provide accounting services.

We are your legal partner in Ukraine, with whom you will not have to look for other lawyers.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner