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How to open an online casino in Ukraine?

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Casino activity in Ukraine has been legalized. And in spite of the fact that almost half a year legislation has not yet approved clear requirements for different types of gambling licenses, our lawyers today can advise on such a promising type of casino as online casino.

The main hitch of opening this type of casino in Ukraine is that you need a specific domain and a trademark for the legal existence of online casinos. 

The very process of obtaining a trademark for the casino takes a long time, which means that you can start with it, adjusting in the future to other requirements of the law. Let's talk about it in more detail.

What domain will be required for online casinos in Ukraine?

So, here are the types of gaming activities that can be conducted online by obtaining a license:

  • organization and conduct of online casinos;

  • organizing and conducting online bookmaking activities;

  • organizing and conducting online poker.

One of the main requirements for the organizer of online casinos is to have a website with the domain .ua, which requires a trademark. Therefore, in order to submit information to the licensing authority in the future about the web resource that will host an online casino, poker or betting platform, it will be necessary to register a trademark.

The timeframe for TM registration is usually about two years. We can speed up the process considerably, but the time limits will have to be taken into account.

Who in the first place should think about starting the procedure for obtaining a license for online casinos?

The answer: those who are already working in the vast expanses of the Internet of Ukraine, offering casino services to Ukrainians and residents of neighboring countries. Today knows the scheme: a company is registered with an address outside the borders of Ukraine - for example, in Cyprus. The site is registered on the Ukrainian hosting company, which offers the services of online gaming machines. this scheme is a "gray" and will be firmly suppressed in the future. Although even today, the "masters" of online casinos are aware of the illegality of the activity.

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Is it possible today for a businessman to bring online casinos in Ukraine out of the shadows?

Registration under the casino Ukrainian company, getting a domain .ua and the appropriate license - makes the scheme of running an online casino is absolutely "white". So the answer is yes - the online casino can be transferred to a completely legal existence.

What will it take?

  • You will need a brand - that is, a registered trademark, which will make it possible to register domain .ua. You can make several trademarks at once: for the domain, and just your own brand for advertising, brochures, etc.

  • Your app or website must contain gambling rules that are already required by law. We can help you develop them taking into account all the features of your platform. It should also contain information on combating gambling addiction, responsible gambling, registration code, license numbers, company name, etc.

  • Availability of certificates for your online platform. Unfortunately, it is not clear yet exactly who will provide such certificates, but their availability is mandatory.

  • Compliance with a number of technical conditions, such as the ability of your system to carry out identification of participants, to ensure fair play, and safe processing of personal data.

  • The presence of a bank guarantee from the State Bank of Ukraine or another bank specified by the Commission, or the presence of an escrow bank deposit in the same list of banks (State or separately specified by the Commission).

There is an official state fee for the issuance of a gaming license, such as:

  • for online casinos - 12500 minimum wages (hereinafter - MWP), which today is equal to 52162500 UAH;

  • for the organization of online poker games - 2500 minimum wages;

  • for the organization of online bookmaker activities - 120 000 minimum wages.

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Views: 1414