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Representative office in Ukraine: Our practical experience

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Foreign companies can face such issues when planning to register a representative office here in Ukraine:

  • Complicated procedure of the registration;
  • Problems with the documents’ certification;
  • Need of the further assistance of the representative office work during the initial functioning period.

We will discuss all the questions you need to know before starting your business in Ukraine basing on our practical experience.

Our service:
Registration of foreign representative office in Ukraine

The registration process and following questions

Our Clients normally want to know:

  • if the company’s representative needs to come to Ukraine; 
  • how long the procedure would take;
  • what documents are required. 

Answering those questions we can tell, that our specialists can perform all the necessary actions on the basis of a power of attorney. It means, that your representatives might be required to come to Ukraine only to personally obtain work cards after the registration of the representative office. In case, if they are going to work in it, of course.

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As for the time question, we can tell, that the most time-consuming stage of the procedure is the registration of the representative office at the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. 

We usually advise our Clients to pay the state fee in advance so that we could submit the payment confirmation together with the main package of documents for registration. The confirmation of the state fee payment guarantees that the document processing time will not exceed sixty working days.

Thanks to our great experience in such cases and deep knowledge of the procedure, we commonly can get the certificate of registration within a month and a half. 

Registration at the State Statistics Service of Ukraine and the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine will take another three days. 

After that step, Your representative office can legally start its business activity in Ukraine. 

Important information!
If You want the foreigner to become a head or an employee in the representative office - they need to get specific permits: work cards. These are alternatives for the work permits that are obtained for employees of subsidiaries of foreign companies in Ukraine.

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Required documents and their certification

The list of required documents contains:

  • an application with request to register a representative office,
  • a document on registration of a foreign company in the country where the company is located,
  • a certificate from a bank on opening an account;
  • a power of attorney to the head of the representative office.

All these documents must be notarized and properly legalized. 

Legalization - is a procedure that confirms a validity of the original official documents. 

Our practical experience in working as a legal advisor for a foreign company’s representative office

One of our major activities is legal support of representative offices of foreign companies in Ukraine. In course of cooperation with our foreign Clients, we commonly provide services in the following areas:

  • proofreading of contracts, risk analysis, participation in the agreement of their content;
  • claim settlement with debtors;
  • support in tender procedures, analysis of tender documentation;
  • registration of trademark for .ua domain obtainment;
  • obtaining licenses and permits of any kind;
  • advisory services in the field of tax law, tax audit support;
  • advisory services in the field of corporate law;
  • obtaining work cards for the representative office’s foreigners-employees and residence permits;
  • other services.

You can contact us via email or in any other way You find comfortable. Our lawyers will help You to deal with any problem in easy, safe and effective way.

Views: 1754
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