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Purchase of a charitable foundation in Ukraine with re-registration

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There is a bloody war going on in Ukraine right now - a huge amount of international aid is flowing into the country, and within the country numerous charitable collections are constantly being launched to help one group or another. 

And while targeted aid, such as the purchase of equipment or even a car for a particular military platoon, can somehow pass under control, charitable aid on a large scale, especially from abroad, must be formalized legally. 

This requires an officially registered charitable foundation. You can register it yourself or buy a ready-made one. Our company offers both options, and today we will tell you what the difference will be for you.

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Buying a charitable foundation in Ukraine

It's worth thinking about buying a charitable foundation for those who are on deadline and are ready to accept and redirect help, both monetary and other, right now. The terms of changing the members of the fund depend on what else you want to change, and in what region the procedure is carried out - our funds are registered in Kyiv, where the procedure of transferring of the fund to the new owner will take place. At the same time you will receive the fund with the status of non-profitability, actually ready to work.

To process the transaction on the buyer's side, you will need:

  • Passport information and identification code numbers of all new fund participants;

  • Data of the head of the foundation;

  • Information on what changes you want to make to the data about the fund: name, address, scope of activity, etc.

When buying a fund, you can add new information to the information about it. You can change the information about the location, introduce some new goals for the fund, and even change the name. Although we do not recommend the latter - too many problems can occur in connection with this in other organs.

We also offer consulting assistance regarding the issues of depositing funds into the fund's account, accepting humanitarian assistance and distributing funds for the needs and purposes of the fund.

Our company carries out the procedure for re-registration of the fund for new participants, and also provides advice on further work with the fund. For example, today it is extremely important to understand how exactly the fund should process aid arriving from abroad, or how to register aid not only in cash, but also humanitarian aid, or aid in an unconventional form - for example, in bitcoins.

As for the registration of the new fund - it will take only a few days, but it is recommended to take some property on the balance sheet only after obtaining the status of non-profitability. This is a feasible task in wartime conditions, but it requires patience - not all state agencies work, and those that do work rarely adhere to deadlines.

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Views: 487