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How to get a temporary residence permit in Ukraine in 2022?

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We are often approached by foreign Clients who are planning to move to Ukraine, and in the shortest possible time. Due to the course of development of certain sectors of business, which implies, for example, tenders, subsidies or even tax discounts, many entrepreneurs see a chance to make good money.

Such Clients usually do not need the opportunity to move to Ukraine permanently, at least in the near future. But they need a residence permit that would allow them to come to the country as many times during the year as their business or other living situation requires, without having to apply for a visa all the time.

In the case of work or a personal relationship, for example, the need to remain in the country longer than 30-90 days also comes to the fore.

In this situation, obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine is the best option in 2022. But only if there are certain grounds. Today we will tell what difficulties can be encountered in the process, and what you need to be prepared for when legalizing your stay in Ukraine, using the example of our Clients.

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Obligatory conditions for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine

Foreigners or stateless persons who plan to stay in the territory of Ukraine must meet certain requirements. Very briefly, here they are:

  • there must be a reason (ground) for obtaining a permit - it can be a job in Ukraine, marriage to a citizen of Ukraine, work in a volunteer organization, etc.;

Note: All the grounds can be found in the regulations or in our article. But there are also situations where you do not fall under any of the grounds - this does not mean that you cannot get a permit. There are opportunities to create quite legal grounds for yourself, one such example is the registration of a company in Ukraine. How it works, we wrote here.

  • the foreigner's passport must be valid and have at least six months of validity before and from the date of receipt;

Note: we had a case where a foreigner was planning to get married in Ukraine and get a residence permit through marriage. At the same time, his passport was issued only a month before he submitted the documents to the registry office and the subsequent supposed registration of a residence permit. In this situation a refusal was very likely - there is a practice by which the Migration Service refuses if the passport is brand new. But we managed to solve the problem by obtaining a certificate from the Border Guard Service about the legal crossing and stay of a foreigner in Ukraine.

  • the applicant must not have an unexpunged criminal record in Ukraine, or be suspected of actions that may be regarded as a fact of threatening the interests of national security of Ukraine, public order, or the interests of Ukrainian citizens and other persons residing in the territory.

These are the most general requirements, compliance with which allows you to start the procedure of obtaining a permit. But depending on what exactly is the basis for your intention to move to Ukraine, how soon you plan to move, what documents you have available, and what you will have to obtain in addition, the procedure itself, its terms and stages will change somewhat.

We will give here links to materials regarding the most common reasons for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine. All the information you can find there, or from our specialists.

Through employment.

Through marriage.

Through business.

Through relatives.

Through volunteer work.

If you want to immediately understand how much it will cost in your case, and what it is worth it to you - contact our lawyers for personal advice.

The cost and timing of obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine can be found here.

Views: 744
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