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How to issue a work permit in Ukraine in 2022?

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We were approached by a Client - an entrepreneur from Ireland. Due to the fact that the Irish government began to change the tax position of IT business and companies in the country, many entrepreneurs began to look for an opportunity to move their office to countries with a more pleasant tax burden. 

One of such countries for today is Ukraine - it offers quite a low tax rate for IT activity (5%) and other preferences, which are very tempting for foreign business.

On the other hand, any foreign businessman wishing to transfer its business to the Ukrainian territory will be faced with a rather complicated bureaucratic system and the need to know exactly where to go and what to do.

In this situation, the Client wanted to understand the best way for him to register a business in Ukraine so that he could bring some of his employees with him and work remotely under contracts with the rest.

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What must be done in order for a foreign employer to relocate his employees to Ukraine?

First of all, we explained to the Client that for his scheme of work it is ideal to register a Ukrainian company, in which he himself, or his Irish company will act as owners, thus controlling the entire situation in the new company.

Registration of the company is needed mainly to get a work permit for all employees in Ukraine - it is this document that will allow them to legally work here. 

The second advantage of this scheme is that having received these permits, foreigners can count on obtaining a temporary residence permit for a period of 6 months to 3 years.

Important! In Ukraine certain types of activities engaged in by foreign citizens can be recognized as important or useful for the country, which means that such workers can count on an easier way to obtain a permanent residence permit - IT workers are among such workers.

But getting a permanent residence permit, at this point, was not very interesting to our client - because he had to wait about a year, and he planned to move his employees and start working earlier. After all, his main goal was not to secure permanent residency for his employees, but to be able to start working with them as early as possible.

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What documents did the Client need to collect for the employment of its employees?

After agreeing the algorithm and order of work with the client, we first registered his Ukrainian company and provided him with tax advice so that he could understand how to proceed after hiring employees and starting activities.

After that we helped him to prepare packages of documents for each employee. The algorithm is as follows:

  1. The employee provides his 3,5x4,5 photo and copies of his passport, which will need to be translated into Ukrainian and the translation will need to be notarized;

  2. The Ukrainian company prepare a copy of the draft labor agreement (contract) with a foreigner, which we reviewed and helped to finalize, as well as a request (application) on behalf of the employer's company to the Ukrainian Migration Service.

The package is prepared for each employee separately, and submitted to the state authority. As a result, we were able to organize a company for the Client with permits for employees in just a couple of weeks. Further, the individual employees planned with our help to get a visa and the necessary residence permit in Ukraine.

After receiving the permits, we also made sure that the client knew how not to lose them - what the deadlines were to sign contracts with workers, and when to submit copies of the contracts to the Migration Service.

If you are also planning to transfer foreign employees to Ukraine - contact the professionals.

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Views: 673