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Immigration lawyer in Odessa, Ukraine

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We were approached by a Client who was Canadian and was planning to move to Ukraine. He was looking for a reliable migration attorney in Odessa, as he was planning to live there in the future, and his girlfriend, with whom he was going to tie his life, was waiting for him there.

Client had worked with us before - he received consultations from us, knew us and trusted us. That is why he asked for advice about the choice of a lawyer in Odessa for obtaining a residence permit, he didn't want to act at random and deal with unprofessionals.

We calmed down our Client by explaining to him that it is not necessary for him to look for a lawyer in Odessa to register his stay there - everything can be done in Kiev with our team. The only stage, which will need to be done in Odessa is to register a place of stay after you get a temporary residence permit - for this we planned to provide the Client with clear instructions and to monitor the process.

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Why is it OK to receive legal services for obtaining a residence permit in Kiev?

The fact is that no matter what kind of residence permit you get - temporary or permanent, and no matter where you plan to live, it is more convenient to draw up all the documents in Kiev.

It is easy to get access to professional translators, notaries, a great number of banks which are able to work with foreign clients are situated in Kiev (in case it is a question of registration of the company), all central bodies, including Migration Service, are located in Kiev too.

Moreover, we are here, which means we will always be able to respond in time to the comments of the state bodies, to help prepare for the interview, etc. By the way, you will not need to be in the territory of Kiev or the country for the whole period of preparation - most of the work, including obtaining TIN and the collection of documents can be done remotely, based on the power of attorney for our lawyers.

All consultations with our team can also be conducted online - via Zoom, WhatsApp or other convenient way for you.

As for our Client, because he planned to live in Ukraine and to work remotely in the field of IT, we chose the best option for him to obtain a residence permit. The client was choosing between a residence permit by marriage and through the registration of the company. As a result of his choice for the latter option, which we have helped to implement. How does it happen in practice, you can read here

We helped him with company registration, work and residence permits. Then we provided detailed instructions on how not to lose his permits.

If you are also looking for professional lawyers to solve the issues of residence in Ukraine, please contact us. Immigration lawyer in Odessa (Ukraine) - we provide services for your further residence in any region of Ukraine, always staying in touch.

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Views: 836