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Partner for adoption agencies for adoption of children from Ukraine

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We were approached by the Spanish adoption agency for help. At that time they were cooperating with a family that wanted to adopt a child from Ukraine. The problem was that the Client, like the agency, had no connections with orphanages in Ukraine, as well as no understanding of the adoption procedure in Ukraine.

In this regard, the Spanish adoption agency decided to contact us for legal advice on the adoption process, as well as to ensure maximum legal security for their Clients who want to go to Ukraine for the sake of adoption.

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First of all, we provided all the necessary information to understand the timing and procedure for the adoption of children by foreigners in Ukraine.

- Rules of International Adoption from Ukraine.

Foreigners may adopt a child who has reached the age of 5 and for whom all possibilities of national adoption have been used.

The list of children for whose adoption foreigners may be allowed is provided by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine. There are exceptions established by the Family Code, for instance if the adopter has family ties with the child, etc. 

- The terms of adoption procedure by a foreigner in Ukraine.

The adoption procedure consists of many stages. Several State bodies are involved in the process: the Ministry of Social Policy, the children's affairs service and the court. 

Each case is individual, but on average the adoption process lasts from several months to six months.

- When will it be necessary to come personally to Ukraine?

The adoptive parents must be present in person:

  • at an interview with employees of the Ministry of Social Policy;
  • when meeting with a child;
  • at a court hearing.

After the parents get to know the child, they will be able to come and communicate with him/her until the conclusion about the expediency of adoption is received for 2 hours a day.

Prior to that, the personal presence of adoptive parents in Ukraine is not necessary - all the preparatory work and filing of all applications can be conducted by our lawyers.

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An agreement with an international adoption agency for legal support of adoption procedures in Ukraine

After providing advice and clarification of all the services that we can offer the package to the adoption agency, a cooperation agreement was concluded between us.

We offered a range of services, among which were:

  • counseling at a stage when candidates for adoptive parents are just thinking about adoption and are about to start collecting documents;
  • analyzing the documents of the adoptive parents to see if they are suitable for the Ukrainian government agencies;
  • filing a package of documents with the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine;
  • supporting the case;
  • legal support of adoptive parents in Ukraine;
  • assistance with the preparation of all necessary documents so that the adoptive parents can safely go abroad with the child.

For today we have concluded a contract on legal support of one family from Spain for the adoption of a child in Ukraine, but we are considering a permanent partnership with the adoption agency.

If you are an adoption agency and want to provide your clients with a safe stay in Ukraine and successful adoption of a child from Ukraine, please call us.
We are ready to help.

Views: 1571