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How can a foreigner open a public organization in Ukraine in 2021?

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Two foreigners, an American citizen and a French citizen, approached our firm with a request to help register a public organization in Ukraine that would collect humanitarian aid and other activities for residents of Ukrainian villages.

It was important not only to open a public organization, but also to issue a residence permit for both foreigners in Ukraine, so that they have the opportunity to stay in the country as long as necessary to work in the organization.

We explained that it is possible to obtain a
residence permit in Ukraine through the registration of a public organization and the registration of a work permit in the same. This option of obtaining residence permit is absolutely legal and embodies both of the Client's ideas: they get public organization and the opportunity to live and work in Ukraine.

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How to register a public organization in Ukraine?

Registration of a public organization with our lawyers will consist of three simple steps:

  • Organization of the general meeting of founders and execution of the Protocol of the public organization creation. For foreigners - founders of public organization in Ukraine, in addition it is necessary to get identification codes in Ukraine, which we provided in advance. At the same meeting there is the appointment of the head of public organization, who temporarily becomes our lawyer;

  • Preparation of the documents package for NGO registration and its submission to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;

  • Obtaining the non-profit status for the public organization. This stage takes additionally about two weeks.

In this situation, the registration of a public organization was only the first step, followed by the registration of a residence permit.

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How to get a residence permit through work in a public organization in Ukraine?

To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine you need a basis, for example, a permit to work in a public organization. 

Important! During registration of public organization it is impossible to appoint a foreigner as a head at once, because a work permit is necessary for this purpose, and only a fully established organization with an appointed head can apply for its issue.

That is why during registration our lawyer becomes the head of the organization, who on behalf of the institution submits a request for employment of a foreigner, and then releases the position of the head.

Our lawyers not only execute all documents, but also accompany our Clients to state authorities and organize all procedural matters, such as signing documents before a notary or translation of such documents.

Do you want to open a public or charitable organization in Ukraine? Contact us! Our lawyers will help to solve any legal problem in Ukraine.

Views: 1247
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