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How to buy a company with a license for electricity in Ukraine?

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We are often approached by Customers, both citizens of Ukraine and foreigners, who are interested in buying an already registered company with a license to supply electricity or gas. Our company provides both the opportunity to buy such a company, and to register a company in Ukraine for yourself, with all the necessary permits.

The most frequent questions that we hear from our Customers when buying a ready-to-go company from us are as follows:

  • How quickly can I re-register ready-made companies when buying?
  • How to be sure that the company's purchase is safe?
  • How are the documents reissued, given the ready-made license for electricity supply?
  • Is it possible to use the purchased ready-made energy companies, for example, to participate in a tender?

Today we will briefly answer these questions so that you can prepare for the process of purchasing a ready-made company in Ukraine.

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How does the company check is performed before buying in Ukraine?

By investing their money in the purchase of the company, any Customer wants to make sure that the transaction is safe and that there will be no problems with the purchased company in the future.

Pre-check of the company gives you a guarantee of safe operation and the ability to work safely.

Companies that are sold are generally divided into two types:

  • those that have already worked and for some reason are no longer needed by their owners;
  • those that were created specifically for sale.

Having a great experience both in company registration and in support of sale and purchase agreements not of our firms, we can assure you that it is better to choose the second type, because in working companies it is much easier to hide some details of their activities. If the presence / absence of debts can still be checked, then some contractual relations may simply not be reported.

For example, we have already seen such a situation: the company has not passed the license audit and received a specific term for "bringing it in line with the license standards". The owner of such a company, instead of correcting the situation, simply decided to sell his company, having received additional funds for the allegedly valid electricity license. As a result, the new owner, having bought the company without debts, received a visit from the inspection body, and as a result, the license was cancelled.

Our company offers for purchase only by us personally created firms that were created specifically for sale.

If you have looked for a company that has already worked on the Ukrainian market, our lawyers will be able to conduct a preliminary check on all available registers and databases.

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How much does a ready-made firm with a license to supply electricity in Ukraine cost?

The purchase price of a ready-made company will, at first glance, be higher than the gradual registration and obtaining permits and licenses. But consider the time spent, add the cost of the license and market entry, and you will get approximately the same price.

What do I need to know before executing a sale and purchase transaction of a ready-made company? 

  • The sale and purchase deal of a ready-made company must be executed correctly. This includes drawing up the contract and filling in the necessary cards and statements.
  • When buying and selling corporate rights of a legal entity a certain list of documents must be notarized, in addition - on notarized forms. Thus, when selling our company, we independently verify the preparation and correct execution of all documents.
  • Recently, when making changes about a legal entity, it is necessary to update the information about the ultimate beneficial owners. The package of documents to be submitted to the state registrar should include a notarized copy of the passport of the final beneficiary (passports in the form of ID-card do not need to be notarized). 

Important! Our lawyers ensure proper planning of the conclusion of the agreement, in which all necessary documents are signed and certified in one day and do not extend for several visits to the notary.

Our lawyers will execute all the transfer and reissue of firms in three working days. This will include the complete reissuance of company documents to the new owner.

Want to buy a ready-made company in Ukraine with the license you need, or to register a company in Ukraine under yourself "from scratch"? Contact us! Our lawyers will help you start your business in Ukraine and get all the necessary permits for it.

Views: 617
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