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How much does it cost to open a branch in Ukraine?

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Registration of a branch (representative office) in Ukraine, opens up many opportunities for your business. Thus, many are considering this form of registration, because they know about certain tax preferences that are given to the importation of property for representative offices - but here you need to understand what you can bring in and in what quantity. 

Another very advantageous advantage of this type of doing business in Ukraine is the possibility to register their own employees to work in Ukraine under a somewhat simplified procedure. For them it is still necessary to obtain a work permit, but a specific one, and it is easier to do.

Our team has been helping foreign Clients for many years to enter the Ukrainian market, including by opening a representative office. This is not the only and not always the best way out - it all depends on your field of activity and how you see your business in Ukraine, we will clarify all the nuances for you and find the option that will be beneficial to you. 

In this article we'll tell you about the main and the most important aspects of branch registration in Ukraine. If you still have questions or have new ones - ask them to our specialist at the personal consultation.

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What are the peculiarities of the registration procedure?

In a nutshell, the algorithm is as follows:

  • Make the decision to create a branch - it must be taken at the official level in the company, fixing everything in the appropriate document. The document, of course, must be signed by those persons of the company who have the right confirmed by the Articles of Association or the power of attorney;

  • Prepare everything for the registration application - you need to prepare all the documents that are submitted with it, as well as fill in the application form. It is important not to forget the power of attorney for the person who will pass the documents for registration. As a standard, drafts of all documents are prepared by our lawyers. They are constantly in touch with the state body to settle any issues;

  • Submit all documents to the Ministry of Economic Development. Among the documents must be a certificate of registration of the parent company, or other document certifying its registration, issued by the authorized body in the country of registration;

  • Pay the state fee;

  • After the registration of the representative office itself, all that remains is to get registered with the local tax authorities. According to the new procedure, it is not the representative office that becomes registered, but the foreign parent company itself - our lawyers clarify the whole procedure in the process

Important! In Ukraine, there is a certain list of activities that require a license. But at the moment, a representative office can obtain only a construction license. 

The most important thing is to decide whether this form of business in Ukraine is suitable for you. We spoke many times in our materials on the website about who is suitable for representation, and who is better and easier to choose, for example, registration of the company in Ukraine.

We offer you not a thoughtless execution of registration actions, but really the right decision for your business.

We will analyze your situation and propose the option that best serves your interests. Do not delay with the decision - just turn to professionals.

All information about the branch registration in Ukraine here.

Views: 835
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