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How to avoid double taxation in Ukraine?

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The issue of double taxation is crucial for people who live and work or earn income in more than one country. Or, let's say they work or have a business in one country but reside for more than half a year in another. This is an absolutely standard situation for digital nomads or entrepreneurs.

Working in this mode, there are unpleasant moments related to the fact that the payments received are subject to taxation both abroad and in Ukraine. This has a significant impact on the amount of income accrued. 

If one of the countries you work or reside in is Ukraine, we can help you resolve the issue of possible double taxation. We will tell you more about how this happens.

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How do the Ukrainian double taxation provisions apply?

Ukrainian companies that employ people in Poland, for example, get their profits from the work done, respectively, from Poland. In this case, taxes on income can be deducted both in Poland and when they are credited to Ukraine.

This situation can be optimized by obtaining a certificate of double taxation in Ukraine. Such certificate can be ready within 2 days, provided that the documents are properly prepared. The presence of the director or owner of the business is not necessary - everything can be done by power of attorney.

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To which taxes does the double taxation certificate apply?

The certificate applies to taxes on income and capital. These are all taxes imposed on gross income, total capital or elements of income or capital, including taxes on:

  • profits from the disposal of movable or immovable property; 

  • the amount of wages and salaries paid by enterprises; 

  • capital gains.

The basic cost of obtaining such a certificate with us starts at 0. The price will depend on your situation and what is required to solve your problem.

Our company will first of all provide you with tax advice and find exactly the tax optimisation scheme that will help you.

Contact our experts for advice and legal protection in Ukraine.

Views: 516